Our Mvsevm Is Gone

Public-Private Partnership. Cradle of Corruption.

The Mvsevm

Opinion Piece in Hear-Old by our own esteemed judge of morons, Dan Cort.

Despite the museum’s cultural and scientific treasures, the city had cut the museum’s budget to a bare minimum and more cuts were on the horizon. But with the City Council’s vote Wednesday night, it looks like the museum will emerge from a chrysalis of under-funding and near-closure to a revitalized resource with an energetic future. What lessons can we learn from this success to help keep other community assets viable in these financially challenging times?

The answer is we need to reinvent our relationship with our government. We need to realize that government is very good at some things, and the private sector is very good at others. By forming partnerships between government and the private sector, we can strive to achieve the best of both worlds. In Pacific Grove we’re doing just that. The city and a private group of citizens formed a public-private partnership that was supported Wednesday night by the City Council..

Our Mvsevm Is Gone

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  1. The new foundation has a new webpage at http://www.pacificgrovemuseum.org. It hasn’t been updated for a while, and many of the links go to a generic herald archive page. My favorite part is on the “meet the board” page, it says: “Mostly, all of the Board members are deeply committed to the Museum.” Are there some who are only medium committed?

    And they want to run (what used to be) our museum.

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