Baby Drop Off Site: P.G.F.D.

Unwanted babies in P.G?

State Senate Bill 1368, the “Safe Baby Surrender Bill,” adopted in 2001 and amended in 2005, exempts parents or people holding legal custody of a newborn less than 72 hours old from prosecution for abandonment if the child is surrendered to a hospital or other designated safe surrender site. Fire departments in Seaside and Monterey have been designated such sites because they are staffed 24 hours a day. On Wednesday, the Pacific Grove City Council designated the city fire station as a safe surrender site for unwanted newborns.

Baby Drop Off Site: P.G.F.D.

6 thoughts on “Baby Drop Off Site: P.G.F.D.

  1. That would be abandonment. It is not a leave-the-baby-on-the-doorstep program. Parents/legal guardians are identified and processed, and have 14 days to change their mind. Come on, get your facts right.

  2. This could be good for people who just had a baby and need to go out of town for a week or two. Just “abandon” it and then come back for it later. There are so many places you can’t take a baby.

  3. They will probably take all of those things as long as they are dressed up as babies.

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