Carmel Bank Robber Gets Lost In P.G., GPS No Help At All

There’s another twisted headline in there somewhere – Use A GPS Go To Jail? Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee A Garmin (and all your cash)?

Cervantes, clean-cut and dressed in a blue buttoned-down shirt, black slacks and black dress shoes, was arrested on Highway 1 near the north end of Marina, but not until 12:45 p.m. — more than an hour after he left the bank. A straight shot from the bank to the point where he was arrested would take about 15 minutes, but Cervantes went on a detour through Pacific Grove and Monterey.

According to talk on the police radio scanner, Cervantes drove north on Highway 1 from the bank, then took Holman Highway to Pacific Grove. He made his way to the coast before heading back to Holman Highway and eventually back to northbound Highway 1.

The probable explanation for Cervantes’ extended route, said sheriff’s spokesman Mike Richards, is that “he got lost.”

The robber was on Sunset / Ocean View for quite awhile. Thought he was going to toss the tracker in the ocean. But crooks never are very smart.

Carmel Bank Robber Gets Lost In P.G., GPS No Help At All