Watch Where Your Recycle Tax Money Goes

Humunya Foundation

How charming. Out of town “Community Activist” groups swoop in and provide an on-the-surface admirable service of removing those toxic electronics that just threaten to destroy the environment. Makes your legs tingle with substainable joy, don’t it?

I call BS. How do we know they are not offloading the waste to countries like Communist China that salvage anything valuable and leave the rest to rot in piles (click the headline credit for the 60 Minutes story)?

Buy a TV lately (come on admit it)? There was a “disposal fee” tacked on. This hidden tax goes to pay for safe disposal of older electronics and groups like the Humunya Foundation get reimbursed for what they collect. Kind of like giving your aluminum cans to the street people to cash in.

Please keep it local if you can. I recommend taking your e-waste to the Marina dump – err Environmental Park where the taxes are used for local jobs – not some out of town activist group..

Watch Where Your Recycle Tax Money Goes