Revenue – Rent Out The Sidewalks

Charge rent for businesses obstructing the sidewalks for commercial gain – here’s over 100 square feet of prime property – public property going for free.

36 sq. ft. from the bakery and one sidewalk spam sign for Chocolate 9 sq. ft.Fournier Bakery Sidewalk

Next block, the crumbling red house another 20 sq. ft.

Red House Sidewalk

And the ghetto news racks, 25 sq. ft.

News Rack Ghetto Racks

From news to noodles 16 sq. ft.

Noodle Sidewalk Tables

And garbage storage for Lighthouse Cafe, 20 sq. ft.
Dumpster Hollys Cafe 090506


15 thoughts on “Revenue – Rent Out The Sidewalks

  1. City muni code says none over 30″W:
    ‘11.64.030 Standards.

    Any newsrack which in whole or in part rests upon, in or over any sidewalk or parkway shall comply with the following standards:

    (a) No newsrack shall exceed five feet in height, 30 inches in width, two feet in depth.’

    11.32.010 Goods, stands, etc., prohibited – Exceptions.

    It is unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed upon any public street, alley or sidewalk, any rack, sign, stand, or any materials or goods. Goods or merchandise, while being received or removed, and materials used in the course of repairs or construction, may be permitted to remain immediately in front of the premises for which they are intended, providing not less than four feet of sidewalk and not less than two-thirds of the roadway are left unobstructed to traffic, and provided proper warning lights are maintained at night.

  2. For crying out loud, the businesses are vanishing from PG and now you want to squeeze them harder? Everyone’s in a hurt. Please look for ways to support our business people, not destroy them. Be constructive. Thank you Norton Painting for the SLO/Avila story. They had it all worked out down there until the county got greedy.
    As for the newsracks in front of the Post Office, I would question whether the ordinance is in step with those of surrounding communities. Since there are so many publications struggling to survive, and since so many are picked up at the PO, I would say those racks are justified.

  3. just pointing out that its a hot topic in other places too

  4. I agree with Halfbaked, the Editor obviously is an advocate of
    trying to squeeze all the small business out of PG.
    Big deal, a few chairs and tables outside a cafe.
    Deal with it.
    People if you can’t get your fat arses past those, you
    have issues. We are not in Europe the sidewalks are relatively
    wide in PG.

    Editor, you are the biggest whiner I have come across.
    We need to focus now, on keeping the scant amount of
    businesses we have in this graveyard of a town.

    The newspaper racks are an absolute eye sore, a disgrace.
    How could the City of PG ever agree to have
    them here?
    Would be nice, if the could blend in somehow, like being
    constructed of wood.

  5. Countess, thanks for your input. You’re right, the newsracks could look a lot better. Functional tunnelvision: a male flaw.

  6. Yes, Handy, the high rents, the recession, the lack of community, the excess of control and widespread preconception of what PG is “supposed to be.”
    BTW: Philly Billy’s closes for good on Friday: another casualty. And he didn’t even have one chair on the sidewalk.

  7. The business on Forest Hill looks pretty good compared to Lighthouse Ave. What’s their secret? There’s no sidewalks at all. No signs detouring people on the way to 17 Mile Drive. Not much there to appeal to tourists – ahh that must be it!

    BTW, what is Philly Billy? Checked the yellow pages, Yahoo!, Google, etc., nada.

  8. Philly Billy is one of the many sandwich “sub” –pun intended — shops that took over the inside corner of PG Liquors. More correctly, he made hoagies, as they are called in Phila.

    At one point, there was that creepy chocolate operation there. Then an artist used the corner as her “studio.”

    An earlier iteration of a sandwich shop inside the liquor store was Charlie Starr. The guy who opened Goodies, then was going into the old Sprouse Reitz location, but polished the outside tiles so much someone slipped, and he never moved in.

    It’s no surprise Philly Billy is closing. Not the best locale.

  9. I’d rather go to Philly Billy’s than Goodies anyday. Those
    people at Goodies are like sub Nazis. They never greet you,
    smile or have anything to say. Over-priced subs and an
    underwhelming atmosphere and welcome in that place.

    The staff at Goodies are as sour as the sauerkraut they are
    schlepping on their Reubens.

  10. Yah, ok. I went down Grand av (used to live on that street long ago) and spied the posters on the window. Not much of a “closing forever” motion – it’s a corner in a liquor store that almost closed a while ago. And no one that wants to get pooped on by city hall’s resident seagulls would eat on the sidewalk there anyway.

    I’ve got no reason to visit – can’t pull me away from Compagnos for sandwiches.

    Hoagies are those deli sandwiches with oily salad dressing on them – ick.

  11. “BTW: Philly Billy’s closes for good on Friday: another casualty. And he didn’t even have one chair on the sidewalk.”

    Geeze no more microwave heated frozen egg on a crescent roll any more????

    What a shame what will we do!!!

  12. “Geeze no more microwave heated frozen egg on a crescent roll any more????”

    Norton, what do you think McDonald’s serves?
    I’m appalled at this lack of compassion for our fellow small business owners. I looked that poor man in the eye. He was hurting.

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