Gangs Moving In, See P.G. As Easy Target

Graffiti Trash

“They’re moving into town,” (detective Adam Sepagan) said, citing the area of Arkwright Court, where apartments are abundant and cheap. “Unless they do something wrong and we catch them, we can’t ask them not to live here. We’d like to. It’s mostly Hispanic gangs, according to Sepagan, and while Nortenos were predominant for a while, more Surenos are arriving as of late.
“For the longest time, those people didn’t come to P.G., because they didn’t want to get caught for something like a taillight, and then be found driving a stolen car or having an outstanding warrant” Sepagan said. “But as things are getting worse throughout the county, sometimes they come here because they want to get away from the violence and everything.”

Not news. Same paper reported gangs in P.G. back in April 2005.

Don’t forget the violent robbery at Safeway

Gangs Moving In, See P.G. As Easy Target

4 thoughts on “Gangs Moving In, See P.G. As Easy Target

  1. Jeesh,
    Next they’ll be drive-bys in downtown PG. I better get rid of the the red Range, and fast.

  2. Gangs have been part of PG for a really long time. At one time a store offered free latex to cover taggings. They should have a right sometimes to do murals or tags. Why not? Some of the murals we have, like that on the market, behind the tshirt shop, or benches have loads of names listed on them. Should people who can’t can afford to pay for a mural or a bench be able to have their name somewhere?

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