Pedestrian Hit By Car – David Avenue

A 79-year-old Pacific Grove man suffered a severe head injury when he was struck by a car near the Country Club Gate Shopping Center about 8p.m. Friday.

Pacific Grove police said the man apparently was attempting to cross the street in the 2800 block of David Avenue when a westbound vehicle hit him. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and cooperated, police said.

Also reported by KION

David Ave Crosswalk

There are crosswalks in the middle of the block. There are signs, too but maybe raising the speed limit to 30 mph in a dense neighborhood was not a good idea.

Pedestrian Hit By Car – David Avenue

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  1. Probably on his cell phone. Despite the new law being on the books for over half a year, every day I see drivers on their non-hands-free cellphones, totally oblivious to what is in the road. That is what happens when you pass a law with no teeth.

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