6 thoughts on “Good News! A New Store Is Opening – oh, it’s just more used clothes

  1. Wake up on the bad side of the tidepool NTA?
    I did give whomever the store is an A for effort. But I think we have enough second hand clothing stores in town.

    If I didn’t have to work for a living I’d open a pool hall. Or a snake farm. It’s the business climate here that has no b*lls (and too much estrogen). Can’t they think of anything new? All we get are more dress resale shops, art galleries and bistros – all ovary exciting 🙂 My money then goes to online retail. At least the UPS dude is local, I think. . .

  2. Hey Editor,
    It may be just a “used clothes” store in “your” opinion. But at least the store proprietor has the b*lls to set up business in this dismal, vacant and declining town we call Pacific Grove.

    What have you done for Pacific Grove lately, Mr. Editor?

    Other than sit on your ample ar$e and expeditiously pass judgement over anyone and basically everyone who either closes a business or starts one in PG.

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