Trip Advisor Hotel/Motel Reviews, Summer 2008

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People let loose with comments –

The Clement Monterey
Breakfast at C overpriced but very good. Lots of flies in eating area and staff a little slow. Great location.

The Intercontinental has used these plasticized mattress covers – I guess in case you have an accident!? Yuck.

Monterey Bay Inn
The only noise through the night was the Sea Lions honking down the beach, and I’m not going to complain about that.

the flattest pillows I have ever seen.

The manager on duty was unprofessional, as well as argumentative and patronizing

Bed did not seem clean. Smelled like other people. Ew.

Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
Every bit of noise was audible in the room, from the squawking seagull to the bass of a car. Though we could not hear our next door neighbors you can hear the folks upstairs. I was able to hear someone pee

Fatal flaw is the beds. Like plywood with a thin foam cover.

To reach the heart of Cannery Row, you have to walk by several “scenic” vacant lots, boarded up buildings and cyclone fencing.

Did I mention the service is super polite, even tho the waiter’s tie dangled in the main course and the dessert.

Sunset Inn
Regarding the room, I felt a bit like I was staying in a basement because of the pretty small windows in the room.

I didn’t snore but the guy in the room next to ours did. The walls are extremely thin.

It was the same price as other very dirty properties.

A continental breakfast was offered but the coffee served was so foul it could strip paint.

Asilomar Conference Grounds
Stuff growing in corners of shower.

staff liked to start cleaning rooms before 8am. It’s either sleep with the vacuum cleaner running, or get up.

Rosedale Inn Executive Suite
opening the windows took care of the smell.

Deer Haven Inn & Suites
I also defrosted the refrigerator while I was there so the door would shut

stay away from the back building with the two bedroom suites, very scary!!!

The room smelled clean but some of the items in the room did not. Those items are the bath tub, door hinges and the kitchen.

The room was like a section 8 apartment.

Lover’s Point Inn
pre-packed pastry where the list of chemical ingredients barely fits on the wrapper.

good hotel to film a cheap B horror film at.

We wondered if it was haunted the motel was so empty.

Butterfly Grove Inn
but $190 for a room we didn’t want and in the end they gave to someone else?

Holiday Inn Express Monterey – Cannery Row
We were woken up at 4am by a naked man talking on his phone outside our room (yes I did say naked!!) When I called reception they just came to the courtyard and asked the guy to ‘keep it down’

Sadly the courtyard set up means that people stand outside their doors smoking along the footways overlooking the courtyard

Best Western Victorian Inn
When we got to our room and unpacked my wife heard a noise coming from the BR.We looked at the tub and the drain started to fill the tub with someone else s soapy, dirty water…yechh.

Elevators smelled strange (possible pet urine?)

It was possible to hear whether the person in the bathroom above us was going #1 or #2 in the middle of the night

The Borg’s Ocean Front Motel
Right now my back feels like I slept on uneven rocks. Taking a pain pill and going to see the chiropractor tomorrow.

we were not told there would be a triathalon taking place on the street in front of the motel (it blocked our view and megaphones were making very loud announcements starting at 5:30 in the morning) at the time we made our reservation. What’s with that?

Sea Breeze Lodge
the guy had to light the gas heat in our room which was really odd and made me paranoid

I noticed the window was unlocked, so I checked all the other ones, which were also unlocked.

The Wilkie’s Inn
“Deceptfully charming on the outside. Nasty on the inside.”

Lighthouse Lodge & Suites
there was a major draft through it and the room itself was strange in terms of decor.

carpet needs to be shampooed-my feet became black when I walked barefoot

The two soaps on the sink area were unwrapped and one had obviously been used. There was a brown stain on a white towel.

view out the balacony was a “grave yard”.

They had no one available to fix the toilet so they sent a plunger over for US to do it ourselves.

sweaty-smelling pillows,

Best Western Monarch Resort:
looks and feels like a college apartment complex.

Trip Advisor Hotel/Motel Reviews, Summer 2008