Deer Season

The Hear-old reports a competition for amour resulting in a broken window

The two males were clashing with their antlers, an annual rite of the blacktail deer’s rutting season, on the lawn of the apartment complex about 10:30 a.m.

“They locked those big horns,” she said, then one of the bucks’ antlers pierced the window screen and punched through the window glass, scattering shards all around the living room.

Stoned Deer

Reported in the Pine Cone, a buck with a 2×4 wrapped in rope stuck to it’s antlers:

A young buck who stands out like a sore thumb because he has a 3-foot wooden stake caught in his antlers appears to be healthy, though wildlife officials have different opinions on what to do with the animal.

Amazingly, the deer has been able to drink and eat and get around despite the extra appendage, which the animal acquired in July after getting caught up in construction fencing in Pacific Grove’s Asilomar neighborhood.

“We are fielding 10 calls a day about the deer with the board in his horns,” said Elizabeth Conti-Yeo, P.G.’s animal control officer.

That buck with the extra appendage now has a huge advantage and DOESN’T WANT it removed.

Deer Season