Definition Of A P.G. Remodel

Take a small but affordable home, tear down all but one wall, build something 3 times as big around that wall and replace the little hysterical home society plaque back on. The price? A Million-Seven. A nice symbol of the new “Lost Home Town”

227 Walnut PG Remodel

The plaque by the door reads “L. Gydison 1889.” The original owner and date of construction thus define Pacific Grove’s historical homes but in this case, a second plaque could read “Love’s Labors Rewarded 2007.”

Elizabeth says, “It was 600 square feet with two bedrooms and a kitchen/ bathroom arrangement.” Now nearly 2000 square feet, it includes a third floor dedicated to the master suite.

To build it all, one side of the house was removed, leaving the part with the original Victorian veranda, always the front entry, but now has become the side veranda with access from inside through a paned-glass living room door.

Definition Of A P.G. Remodel