In Salinas, Those Sidewalk Obstructions Are Out

While Salinas beautifies, over here in “historic downtown on the way to 17 Mile Drive”, they pile them on.

According to Salinas senior code enforcement officer Irma Gowin, the crackdown on illegal signs and advertising displays is intended to ensure that businesses comply with the city ban on setting up folding, A-frame signs on sidewalks and public rights-of-way, or hanging advertising displays, such as banners, streamers or balloons. She said the purpose of what she called the “first-ever aggressive enforcement action in city history” targeting illegal advertising was twofold — public safety and removal of blight.

Gowin pointed out that the city was threatened with a lawsuit earlier this year after someone’s car was damaged by a temporary A-frame sign that blew off a median. And, she said businesses are at risk for litigation themselves.

“People are understanding it’s a hazard,” she said.

In addition, she said, the copious advertising has become an eyesore.

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In Salinas, Those Sidewalk Obstructions Are Out