There’s Episcopalians On My Block!

Spazier street residents fight back!

Spazier St

A letter sent to Canterbury Woods Executive Director Norma Brambilla last month from senior city planner Lynn Burgess advised that the residences at 612 and 664 Spazier Ave. and the duplex at 872-874 19th St. violated the retirement home’s use permit.

The letter was triggered by complaints from residents on Spazier, and an investigation by city officials showed the permit violation, Burgess said.

The houses, originally used for employees, have been owned for 30 years by Canterbury Woods, Brambilla said.

The same services provided to residents of the main facility — cooking, laundry, cleaning and landscaping — had been extended to the houses all that time, she said.

There’s Episcopalians On My Block!

2 thoughts on “There’s Episcopalians On My Block!

  1. A quick online search (URL below) indicates who is paying the taxes on these properties.

    612 Spazier (APN: 006-651-007-000)

    664 Spazier (APN: 006-651-016-000)

    872-874 19th (APN: 006-653-007-000)

  2. “The houses, originally used for employees, have been owned for 30 years by Canterbury Woods, Brambilla said” This statement (above) does not appear to be truthful.

    According to the property information on Zillow (easily confirmed with the County Recorder) two of these three properties (listed below) have been recently bought/sold.

    664 Spazier (APN: 006-651-016-000)
    Last Sale: 09/20/2007 for $805,000,5years_chartDuration
    872-874 19th (APN: 006-653-007-000)
    Last Sale: 01/25/2006 for $965,000,5years_chartDuration

    The third property (listed below) although not recently sold was recently reassessed by the county in 2006 due to a major remodel. The taxes paid on this property went from $679 in 2005 to $7,502 in 2006. I wonder which lucky “employee” ended up with this place?

    612 Spazier (APN: 006-651-007-000)
    Last Sale: 05/06/1968 for $27,000,5years_chartDuration

    It’s pretty amazing that the EPISCOPAL SENIOR COMMUNITIES ( Norma Brambilla ) thought they could sneak this unlawful expansion of their use permit past everyone. I also wonder how many more there might be.

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