New Monterey Police Blotter – June 2008

June must be citywide hit’n’run month

6/2/08 MONTEREY PLAZA HOTEL, 200 Cannery Row, reports unknown to have “tagged” the back of their building.

6/2/08 RED SHIFT 712 Hawthorne reports graffiti on the west side of their building between 2000 on 5-30-08 and 0800 on 6-2-08.

6/3/08 Citizen lost her balance, fell and cut her lip when she collided with the sidewalk in the 600 block of Wave.

6/3/08 Citizen lot her purse and its contents at 866 Cannery Row.

6/5/08 (Parking Division) reports receiving a fraudulent $10 bill deposited into the drop box at the Cannery Row Garage, 601 Wave

6/5/08 Citizen reports his vehicle struck and damaged 1000 block of David.

6/6/08 Citizen reports her vehicle struck and the other driver left the scene near the intersection of McClellan and Hawthorne.

6/7/08 Citizen 1000 block of Irving reports vandalism to her mailbox.

6/7/08 Citizen reports finding a gray 21 speed, mountain bike on the south side of Cork And Bottle, 898 Lighthouse. Bike stored in storage shed at MPD.

6/9/08 Citizen reported a hit and run traffic collision at 600 Cannery Row on 6-3-08.

6/9/08 Citizen reported the theft of her purse and wallet from the office at the Fish Hopper.

6/9/08 Citizen 600 block of Belden, reported her car’s rear window was broken on between 1030 and 1200 hours at her home.

6/10/08 City of Monterey had graffiti on a clearance sign above the North bound entrance to the Lighthouse tunnel and a wood fence on the South side of the Custom House Plaza.

6/10/08 Diver at San Carlos Beach was transported to CHOMP where he was pronounced dead.

6/11/08 MCSO was aided in the arrest of SLOAN, JOHN on a misdemeanor bench warrant for 11550(a)HS at Prescott and Cypress.

6/11/08 SLOAN, JOHN was stopped for speeding at Prescott and Cypress and arrested for possession of hypodermic needles, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and a parole hold.

6/13/08 Watsonville Police Department was aided in the recovery of a blue and white 2002 Suzuki GSX-R from the area of Laine and Dickman. Vehicle had been reported stolen by Watsonville PD on 6/12/08.

6/13/08 Traffic accident (vehicle vs bicycle) at Wave and Drake.

6/14/08 Citizen, reports an unknown to have smashed the front passenger window of his white 2006 Toyota Tacoma, sometime between 06/13/08 at approximately 2130hrs and 6/14/08 at approximately 0900hrs, while parked in the public

p-lot at 590 Cannery Row. Interior of vehicle was undisturbed with no items missing.

6/14/08 Monterey Plaza Hotel, reports an individual to have defrauded the Monterey Plaza Hotel, 400 Cannery Row, of its services. Value of services, $2422.56.

6/17/08 Citizen 800 block 871 Alice reports unknown to have stolen his Garman GPS 500 from his unlocked vehicle which was parked at the above residence.

6/17/08 AQUA MASSAGE 700 block Cannery Row reported burglary to their business.

6/17/08 Citizen fled from a traffic stop in the 500 block of Cannery Row.

6/17/08 NAVA, ELIAS was cited for driving on a suspended license at Lighthouse and Pvt Bolio.

6/20/08 Citizen reports vandalism to the bathroom mirror inside Gianni’s Pizza, 725 Lighthouse.

6/21/08 JEWITT, DANIEL was issued a citation for having an open container in public on Cannery Row at Hoffman.

6/21/08 Citizen reports her vehicle being struck by another vehicle in the private parking lot in the 400 block of Cannery Row.

6/22/08 Graffiti on the wall underneath the Chart House.

6/24/08 Citizen 700 block Grace Monterey reported an unknown to have entered his unlocked vehicle and stolen a white IPOD.

6/24/08 Citizen reports losing his Sony digital camera while in the 700 block of Cannery Row.

6/24/08 Citizen 1100 block McClellan reports unknown to have burglarized her vehicle.

6/26/08 Marina PD was aided in the finding of their runaway juvenile in the 100 block of Foam.

6/26/08 JEWETT, DANIEL was arrested for 647(f) public intoxication at 700 Cannery Row.

6/27/08 Citizen 800 block of Alice reports her unlocked car to have been ransacked between 6-26-08 at 1730 and 6-27-08 at 0700.

6/27/08 Citizen 700 block of Alice reported burglary and vehicle tampering to his Honda.

6/27/08 Citizen 800 block of Lyndon reports the theft of his red and black 2007 Yamaha R6 motorcycle.

6/28/08 TRUETT, ZACHERY cited for possession of less than once ounce of marijuana in his vehicle and unsafe speed at McClellan and Lighthouse.

6/29/08 Citizen reports having a pocket knife brandished during a verbal altercation in front of Bulldog’s (611 Lighthouse)

6/29/08 Citizen reports a prowler in a back yard in the 300 block of Belden.

6/30/08 Citizen 600 block of Hawthorne, 4-5 males to have burglarized her vehicle, a white 1995 Honda Civic while parked in the carport at the above address between 0030 hours and 0044 hours.

6/30/08 Citizen 600 block of Hawthorne reports 4-5 males to have burglarized his unlocked vehicle.

6/30/08 Citizen 600 block of Hawthorne reports 4-5 males to have attempted to steal items from his unlocked vehicle, a grey 1999 Honda.

6/30/08 A Green 1998 Acura 23CL was burglarized in the carport in the 600 block of Hawthorne.

6/30/08 MPD is investigating prowling in the 500 block of Laine.

6/30/08 Citizen 600 block of McClellan reports her vehicle being broken into at the above. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.

6/30/08 Citizen 600 block of McClellan reports her unlocked vehicle being broken into.

6/30/08 Citizen 400 block of Belden reports his vehicle being broken into.

6/30/08 Citizen 600 block Jessie reports unknown to have hit his vehicle and fled from the scene, in front of his residence.

6/30/08 Citizen reports stolen services in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

6/30/08 Citizen 500 block of Belden reports unknown to have stolen goods from her vehicle.

6/30/08 Citizen reports unknown to have shattered the passenger side window of her’97 Ford F-150, at the intersection of Belden and Hoffman.

6/30/08 MPD towed a black, 88 Ford Festiva from Oak and Line for being abandoned.

6/30/08 JEWETT, DANIEL arrested for public intoxication at Prescott and Foam.

New Monterey Police Blotter – June 2008