Steinbeck Family Home For Sale

Home of the Colossus Of Gold. This P.G. fixer-upper can be yours for just $695,000

Family home owned by John Steinbeck’s parents and grandmother, with a studio that John Steinbeck helped to build. You’ll be fascinated with this authentic embodiment of our local history; listing includes antique wringer washer, icebox and cast iron stove. Home also has features that highlight John Steinbeck’s interests in King Arthur. This is a home with a colorful past, ready for restoration and a bright future!

Cog House

Steinbeck Family Home For Sale

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  1. They took out two big dumpsters & then the house was pasteurized. It was just loaded with crap & mold. But in true Steinbeck fashion the guy who was there was almost always a bit tipsy then I talked to him. Steinbeck used to drink so much that he would sleep for three days.

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