New Monterey Police Blotter – May 2008

May is national hit & run month.

5/2/08 City of Monterey, 580 Pacific, reports unknown to have struck a fire hydrant at Drake and Lighthouse.

5/2/08 The CITY OF MONTEREY reports being vandalized in the form of a parking structure entrance arm being broken at 601 Wave.

5/3/08 MPD towed a 2001 gold Daewoo in the 400 block of David for blocking a private driveway.

5/3/08 MPD towed a 1979 white Ecoline Van located in the 500 block Belden for expired registration over 6 months.

5/3/08 Traffic accident versus a vehicle parked in the 400 block Jessie. SALIB PHILEMON arrested for driving under the influence at Belden and Drake.

5/4/08 Citizen had a bag with a green and yellow comforter and sheets taken from her vehicle parked in Carrows parking lot

5/5/08 Citizen 800 block of McClellan reports an unknown suspect to have stolen various women’s rings from a jewelry box.

5/5/08 A glass meth pipe was found in the intersection of Archer and Mcclellan after a traffic stop.

5/8/08 Citizen reports an unknown person driving an unknown make and model white colored sedan to have struck her parked 2001 green Nissan Sentra while parked in the 600 block of Parcel St.

5/9/08 Traffic accident versus parked vehicle in the private lot of 725 Lighthouse. Hit and run.

5/9/08 Trespass in the 700 block of Lighthouse.

5/9/08 MPD is investigating graffiti on the side of a modular in the 800 block of Jessie.

5/10/08 Graffiti on the utility room walls at Hilltop Park.

5/10/08 Graffiti on a stop sign at Irving and Lottie.

5/11/08 Graffiti on the east wall of 300 block of Hoffman.

5/13/08 Graffiti to the south wall of the Cannery Row garage, 601 Wave St

5/13/08 CERRETA, MICHAEL was arrested for DUI at Hawthorne and Prescott.

5/13/08 Graffiti on the southern wall of 625 Cannery Row.

5/13/08 Graffiti on the mobile construction trailer in the 800 block of Jessie

5/13/08 Graffiti on the retaining wall located at 2200 block of Irving.

5/13/08 Traffic accident with bus while parked in the area of David and Wave.

5/13/08 Citizen 700 block of Hawthorne reports burglary to his residence and vandalism to his property between 5-5-08 at 1500 hours and 5-13-08 at 1100 hrs. Taken:3 rings.Total loss/damage: 195.00.

POE: kitchen window unlocked.

5/14/08 Citizen 800 block of Devisadero Street, Monterey, reported a grand theft from his vehicle while parked in front of his residence.

5/14/08 Grafitti to a retaining wall located at 871 Jessie Street (Hilltop Community Center).

5/14/08 Two male juveniles were cited for trespassing at 484 Cannery Row.

5/14/08 PATTERSON, EVERRETT was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol and possession of an others canceled ID/driver’s license at 32 Cannery Row.

5/15/08 Citizen 700 block David reported his vehicle being burglarized while parked in the ground floor parking garage located at his residence.

5/16/08 HERNANDEZ, ARMANDO cited for not wearing a seatbelt and driving on a suspended drivers license at Wave and Hoffman.

5/16/08 Citizen 400 block of Dickman reports unknown to have struck and damaged his roommate’s vehicle while it was parked across the street from their residence.

5/18/08 VOGEL, NORMA was arrested for DUI and being an unlicensed driver at Lighthouse and Prescott.

5/19/08 Citizen reports her grey 2007 Lexus IS350 damaged by a weed eater operated by her neighbor in the 600 block Lottie

5/21/08 Citizen 800 block of Irving reports unknown to have collided with her vehicle while parked in front of the above residence

5/21/08 Citizen reports being a victim of non injury hit and run collision occurred 700 blk Lighthouse. Suspect was not located

5/22/08 Citizen 600 Parcel reports unknown person(s) to have entered her residence without permission and remove her leather purse.

5/22/08 Citizen reports unknown to have struck and damaged her vehicle while parked in the 500 block of Lighthouse Ave. Occurred between 1900 hours and 1910 hours.

5/23/08 MPD towed a 1985 Toyota Corolla from 800 block Pine St. for expired registration.

5/23/08 MPD towed a Green 69 Ford Van from the 600 block of Spencer for having expired registration over 6 months.

5/24/08 Citizen reports suspicious circumstances at 500 block of Cypress.

5/24/08 EDWARDS, ANTHONY was cited for driving on a suspended license in the 400 blk of Cannery Row.

5/24/08 ECKHARDT, KEVIN was arrested for public intoxication at Prescott/Wave.

5/25/08 Citizen reports unknown person(s) attempted to enter her home located in the 400 block of Archer between 1300 hrs on 5-20-08, and 1400 hrs on 5-25-08. POE: Side door on south side of house.

5/25/08 Citizen 700 block Oak reports unknown to have broken the rear window of his vehicle while parked at the above.

5/26/08 LOPES, DIANA was cited for a $5000.00 traffic warrant in the 400 block of Lighthouse.

5/26/08 LOPES, DIANA was arrested for driving on a suspended license.

5/26/08 VASQUEZ, MANUEL was placed on a parole hold at the Recreation Trail and Sloat for being in possession of alcohol, marijuana and a concealed screwdriver.

5/27/08 Citizen 600 block of Alice reports his blue golf bag containing a full set of golf clubs to have been stolen from his unlocked truck in his driveway.

5/27/08 Citizen reports an unknown to have struck her vehicle causing damage to the right rear fender in front of the Sardine Factory.

5/27/08 Citizen reports an unknown Asian male carrying a large bag to have stolen two bottles of Liquor totaling $350 from the Cannery Row General Store.

5/28/08 Citizen reports a suspicious circumstance regarding two pieces of her jewelry missing or stolen from her room at the Monterey Plaza Hotel.

5/29/08 Citizen reports the theft of her vehicle’s WHERETO GPS system from her unlocked vehicle located in the 700 block of Hawthorne.

5/29/08 Citizen reports unknown to have collided with her 2004 Honda Odyssey while parked in the lot of El Torrito, 600 Cannery Row.

5/30/08 COLDWELL BANKER, 1400 block Hoffman, reports the property being burglarized.

5/30/08 Citizen 1800 block of David reports theft of an Alpine car stereo and unknown brand 1.2G Flash Thumb Drive from his unlocked truck while parked.

5/30/08 Monterey County Bank reports that male adult attempted to pass a counterfeit check with the business name “LATTITUDES” printed on it.

New Monterey Police Blotter – May 2008