City Attorney Warns Council About Illegal Rentals

Rooms For Rent

The city cites water, parking & building permits as reasons why some of the landlords were refused to go legit. No one needs a permit to rent a room of a house, wouldn’t that situation would add the same real burdens as a rental unit? Yesterday’s “basement apartment” becomes today’s “room for rent”, life goes on.

If Pacific Grove moves to crack down on illegal residential rentals, it had better move carefully, City Attorney David Laredo warned the City Council on Wednesday.

Laredo said state and federal housing laws could require the city to pay for finding a new home for evictees if it initiates shutting down the illegal rentals.

“Relocation is a complex process,” he said. “A public agency may be liable if it undertakes a project or program that requires relocations.”

Laredo said the city needs to have a written relocation policy and should hire an enforcement officer. The council unanimously instructed him to draw up the policy.


City Attorney Warns Council About Illegal Rentals