New Monterey Police Blotter – April 2008

Warm weather brings the tourists – and the crime. Return of regular robberies on the rec trail. Very notable is a felony arrest for graffiti. Use a sharpie irresponsibly, lose your rights.

4/1/08 Citizen was robbed on the rec-trail behind the Roto-Rooter building while riding his bicycle towards Seaside.

4/2/08 Monterey Plaza Hotel, 400 Cannery Row, reports unknown to have stolen two bathrobes and miscellaneous toiletries.

4/2/08 Citizen 500 block David reports the burglary of his 97 Honda Civic while parked in the covered carport.

4/2/08 Monterey Senior Center 200 block Dickman reports graffiti.

4/5/08 Monterey Plaza Hotel, 400 Cannery Row, reports finding property in a room at the above.

4/8/08 Report of a Hispanic female adult to have stolen $500.00 in cash, $100.00 in travelers checks, and $205.00 in five dollar bills from underneath the cash register area of the business located in the 700 block of Cannery Row.

4/9/08 MPD is investigating graffiti at the parking lot on the corner of the Coast Guard Pier and Foam.

4/9/08 City of Monterey reports graffiti at the top floor of the parking garage at 601 Wave.

4/9/08 Citizen reports falling at the intersection of Hoffman and Foam.

4/9/08 Citizen was assaulted and robbed on the recreation trail at Cannery Row and Foam by two unknown white male adults and one white female adult. All suspects appeared to be in their early 20’s. Both males were approximately 6’0″ tall with slim builds and blond hair. The female had dark blond hair. Suspects fled on foot northbound on the recreation trail toward Hoffman. Taken was $2.00 in cash from victim’s wallet.

4/10/08 Book buyer Store, located at 600 Lighthouse, reports an unknown to have placed graffiti on the exterior wall, adjacent Hoffman, sometime between 4/8/08 at approximately 1700 hours and 4/10/08 at approximately at 1000 hours. Graffiti was in the form of the word “OATH” and done in a black spray paint. Approximate cost of damage: less than $400.

4/10/08 City of Monterey Building Maintenance employee, reports an unknown to have placed graffiti on the public restroom located at San Carlos Beach sometime between 4/4/08 at approximately 1500 hours and 4/10/08 at approximately 0930 hours. Graffiti was in the form of letters/slogans and done in a black and white permanent marker.

4/10/08 MPD aided Monterey Fire Department in the 600 block of Grace St for a fire in the garage area of the residence.

4/10/08 Citizen was assaulted and robbed in the 600 block of Del Monte on the Recreation Trail by three Black male adults and two white male adults. Suspects fled southbound on Del Monte toward the skate park. Stolen: backpack/wallet $20.

4/12/08 HUBBARD, CODY was arrested for felony vandalism after he vandalized MPD patrol vehicles 42 and 44. The vandalism consisted of permanent orange paint marker with a word similar to “OATH” written on both vehicles.

4/13/08 THE CANDY FACTORY, 685 Cannery Row, placed TASCHIAN, ALBERT under citizen’s arrest for theft of a cardboard Superman cutout, valued at $34.99. TASCHIAN additionally charged with obstructing/delaying a peace officer.

4/14/08 Citizen reported her wallet stolen while at 900 Lighthouse (Nob Hill Foods).

4/16/08 Spray painted graffiti under the Chart House.

4/16/08 Citizen 500 block of Hawthorne reports the theft of her Honda Accord.

4/17/08 RILEY, REGINALD was arrested at Foam and Cannery for driving on a suspended license.

4/17/08 Citizen reports unknown to have stolen a T-shirt and sandals from 693 Lighthouse, On The Beach Surf Shop.

4/18/08 Threats reported threats 800 block of Wave St.

4/18/08 MPD assisted Carmel PD in the arrest of HILL, TIMOTHY for possession of a stolen vehicle (2006 Lexus 5NQE737) and extortion at Noche Buena and Playa, Seaside. Carmel took custody of Hill and transported him to PGPD. Vehicle towed to Carmel PD.

4/18/08 Citizen versus a silver mini-van driven by an East Indian male in his 50’s in the Cannery Row garage between level 3C and 3D.

4/19/08 White male adult and white female adult walked out of the Sardine Factory restaurant without paying the bill which totaled $240.02 and removed a crystal wine decanter.

4/19/08 Citizen reports a male to have stolen $100 dollars from the front counter of the Bay View Delicatessen, 32 Cannery Row.

4/19/08 Citizen reports an unknown person removed $60 from her purse which was in her hotel room at 400 Cannery Row.

4/21/08 Citizen reported theft from her vehicle at 590 Cannery Row.

4/21/08 Graffiti in the 1000 block of McClellan.

4/21/08 Citizen reports a grey vehicle, possibly a Mitsubishi Eclipse unknown plate, to have struck his 1989 Chevrolet while parked on the east curb in the 200 block of Hawthorne.

4/22/08 An unknown vehicle collided with the signal light pole at Lighthouse and Prescott at an unknown date and time.

4/22/08 Citizen reports being verbally threatened at 600 block Lighthouse.

4/23/08 Citizen reports an unknown suspect to have stolen his laptop from his unlocked car while parked at the coast guard pier.

4/24/08 Citizen reports offensive language towards a customer in front of 867 Wave St.

4/24/08 City Hall, Monterey, reports the theft of recyclables from the bin in the 700 block of Lighthouse by a black male with dreadlocks driving a white Ford SUV

4/25/08 Citizen 200 block Hawthorne reports unknown to have broken the right rear camper shell window to his Grey 2007 Dodge Ram Pick up truck.

4/25/08 City of Monterey Maintenance reports graffiti to the men’s bathroom stall, Reeside and Cannery Row.

4/25/08 Gianni’s, reports Kenny SHAFFER to have trespassed and interfered with customers at Gianni’s at 725 Lighthouse.

4/26/08 Poppleton’s located at 299 Lighthouse, reports an unknown to have forced entry into the business.

4/26/08 Citizen 800 block Alice reports an unknown suspect to have left a threatening drawing nailed to a cabinet in his garage.

4/28/08 Citizen reports his vehicle “keyed” the length of the passenger side while parked in the 400 block of Reeside.

4/29/08 MPD towed a white 95 Dodge pickup from 700 block of Spencer for being abandoned.

4/30/08 Citizen reports his vehicle to have been struck and damaged while parked on David Ave

4/30/08 City of Monterey reports graffiti on a PG & E utility box, located on the West side of 585 Cannery Row.

New Monterey Police Blotter – April 2008

2 thoughts on “New Monterey Police Blotter – April 2008

  1. What the hell has happened to the Peninsula? I moved away nine years ago and I never remember it being this bad.

  2. As we moved away from military and more toward tourism the place is getting dirty. Gangs no longer stay at the PJs or the Alisal barrio, they look for opportunity anywhere they can. Homeless addicts that live for the next hit will take anything that is not nailed down.

    Just need to be more aware. Don’t leave alone from the clubs at night. Stay off the rec trail at night. Don’t shop or patronize businesses the either hire gang bangers or cater to them.

    Don’t give money to vagrants on corners. Donate to a shelter.

    Lock your doors. Take the bicycles inside. Keep valuables out of sight in your car

    Welcome to the new world.

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