Barack Hussein Obama Supporters Marching In P.G.

Organizers of “BARK Obama 08,” a 10K walk-a-thon to benefit a local animal welfare organization and the Obama ’08 Campaign, encourage all animal lovers, walkers and Obama supporters to join together for a fun morning walk this weekend . . . (from the) Monterey Bay Aquarium and will follow the coastline to Asilomar Beach

Barack Hussein Obama quotes:
“I can’t keep Farrakhan from supporting me”
“I can no more disown Rev. Wright than I can disown my grandmother”
“My grandmother was a Typical White Person”
“I don’t want my daughters punished with babies”
“The campaign is like the Bataan Death March”
“they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion”
Offensive to whites, Jews, mothers, war survivors. Dogs? Nope, has not offended dogs. yet

Barack Hussein Obama Supporters Marching In PG

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  1. Hello, I am a Pagrovian, formerly from the UK. I love your site.
    Please can you add me to your email list, so that when you update the site I am notified?

    Also, are you open to others submitting articles relating to life in the exciting town of PG

    Sometimes I am inspired by the every day goings on to put Mont Blanc to paper.

  2. The best way to know when articles are posted is to use the RSS feature. RSS Readers like Bloglines, Google Reader or Mozilla look for new posts and collect them on to one web page. There is no email notification for the site.

    Feel free to submit opinion articles via email (click the envelope icon to send a email) or comment on any story.

    Keep in mind that the format is to pick reported news stories relating to Pacific Grove or New Monterey and commenting on them. Backup in the form of a link to the news story or a photo in the case of an “Eye” post is required. Comments without backup may be removed.

  3. WOW i was born in Monterey in 1959 in the old Monterey Hospital. My parents lived in the old houses ( there was 3 )on Hoffman St. just up above the cannary. WE moved around the bay to Castroville i lived there for 30 yrs. I moved to Nixa Mo. ok beside that I want to thank the person who is responsable for this site. Thank you for the memorys.As far as Obama i think we are going to be in trouble if he gets into office.I grew up with some people from Pacific Grove i wish i could find. I remember KMBY 1240 MUSIC POWER MONTEREY
    I thank you so much for the memroies

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