New Monterey Police Blotter – March 2008

3/1/08 Citizen 1100 block of McClellan reports the theft of items from her unlocked vehicle while parked in her carport.

3/2/08 Citizen 1100 block of McCLELLAN reports an unknown suspect tried to gain entry to his apartment through the front door.

3/3/08 Citizen reports the theft of her silver 2007 Toyota Tacoma, from Hoffman and Lighthouse.

3/3/08 MCSO was aided in issuing a citation to WEILBACHER, SEAN for $7,500 traffic warrant at Hoffman and Lighthouse.

3/4/08 Carrows Restaurant 300 David reported the theft of a donation box containing approximately $20.00, from the front counter. Suspects unknown.

3/4/08 MPD found a set of car keys with fob and cigarette lighter at San Carlos Beach.

3/5/08 MPD investigated an unknown person’s attempt to deface the windows of the Cannery Row garage #1 with the use of hand lotion.

3/5/08 Citizen reported gang related graffiti at 500 block of Foam (Sea Harvest).

3/5/08 Citizen 800 block of Wave Street (Bistro Mulan) reported two of his potted plants stolen from the front of his restaurant.

3/5/08 Citizen reports being battered by an unknown in the 700 block Cannery Row.

3/5/08 Citizen 800 block of Alice Street reported his 8 speed, mountain bike stolen from his covered, ground floor parking stall.

3/6/08 Citizen 300 block of Belden reports unknown to have destroyed his plants in front of his residence.

3/9/08 Citizen 300 block of Dickman reports the theft of his vehicle.

3/9/08 Citizen 300 block of Prescott reports the theft of a small refrigerator from her porch.

3/9/08 Citizen reports a red Toyota Rav-4, partial CA plate of 5TKA, to have struck her vehicle in the parking lot adjacent 791 Foam. The Toyota fled the scene
immediately following the collision.

3/12/08 Citizen reports the rear window of her vehicle being smashed by an unknown object while parked in front of 625 Cannery Row.

3/14/08 Citizen reports unknown to have struck his parked vehicle while parked in the 300 block of Lighthouse.

3/15/08 Citizen reports losing his wallet somewhere between the Bulldog Pub and Hoffman and Foam.

3/16/08 Citizen 700 block of Dickman reports the left front window to her vehicle shattered.

3/20/08 Citizen 800 block of Alice reports burglary to his vehicle while parked in the carport.

3/20/08 Anonymous person reported a vehicle drove on the lawn at Oak Newton Park the morning of 3/20/08.

3/20/08 Citizen 800 block of Taylor reports burglary to his vehicle while parked in the carport.

3/20/08 Citizen 800 block Alice reports the theft of his stereo face-plate and several books from his unlocked vehicle.

3/21/08 Citizen 800 block of Lyndon reports unknown to have stolen his blue 1994 Honda Civic.

3/22/08 Male adult citizen reports being robbed at approximately 2220 hrs, while riding his bicycle on the recreation trail, heading home from work. He was struck from behind and knocked unconscious for close to a half-hour. When he awoke he was missing his wallet, cell phone and $5 cash.

3/22/08 A parked COACH AMERICA tour bus rolled away from David and Wave, striking various street signs, a vehicle, and an Aquarium building at 898 Wave, and the Aquarium itself at 886 Cannery Row. Major damage, no injuries.

3/22/08 Citizen reports theft of her wallet from 700 block of Cannery Row.

3/23/08 Citizen 800 block of Alice reports theft of his wallet from his unlocked vehicle.

3/24/08 Citizen 400 block of Cannery Row reports graffiti to the lower outside area of The Chart House.

3/24/08 LEVINSON, JEFFREY was arrested for driving without a license in the 500 Blk of Lighthouse.

3/25/08 Juvenile female was arrested for commercial burglary at Nob Hill, 900 Lighthouse. Stolen: Absolute Vodka $21.99. Juvenile was additionally cited for possession of tobacco products.

3/25/08 MPD documented possible alcohol violations at 800 block Wave.

3/26/08 Citizen 1200 block of Irving reports unknown to have attempted entry into her residence.

3/27/08 Citizen 200 block of Hawthorne reports hearing noises outside her residence on 3-26-08 at 2130 hours.

3/28/08 PLESE, ANTHONY was arrested for DUI at Foam and Drake. He was additionally charged with possession of marijuana for sale and possession of prescription medication without a prescription.

3/28/08 Citizen 500 block of McClellan reports the theft of his mountain bike from his covered carport.

3/28/08 Citizen 2000 block of David reports theft of his bicycle via cable lock cut outside his residence.

3/28/08 Citizen 200 block of Hawthorne reports his bicycle tires valued at $100 were stolen from his bicycle.

3/28/08 Citizen 800 block of Laine reports his vehicle to have been burglarized in the carport area at above.

3/29/08 WILEY, MALENA was arrested for being in possession of a bolt cutter while at Archer and Hoffman.

3/29/08 MCSO was aided in the arrest of WILEY, MALENA on an outstanding misdemeanor $7500 warrant.

3/29/08 Citizen 1000 block of David Ave reports unknown to have thrown a champagne bottle and broken the windshield of her vehicle.

3/30/08 Citizen reports his vehicle was struck and damaged while parked on Hawthorne at Reeside.

3/31/08 Citizen reports the burglary to his storage shed, located in the 800 block of Alice.

New Monterey Police Blotter – March 2008