P.G. Looking To Save With Budget Cuts

Budget cutback strategies approved by the Pacific Grove City Council this week are expected to save the city $2.8 million during the coming fiscal year.

The cutbacks include:

· $410,000 from the police budget by eliminating unfilled positions, including one sergeant, three police officers and a police services technician;

· $182,000 from the firefighting budget by eliminating three firefighter positions and full- and part-time office assistant positions, and reducing the part-time firefighter program;

· $296,000 from the administration budget, down 15 percent from the current budget;

· $410,000 from the public works budget, down 20 percent;

· $473,000 from the library, down 50 percent;

· $325,000 from recreation, down 34 percent; and

· $148,000 from the museum, down 52 percent.

P.G. Looking To Save With Budget Cuts