So THAT’S What P.G. Is Famous For!

Read it and gag.

Some puff piece reports that Pacific Grove is famous for golf and B&Bs. I always thought it was butterfly migrations and schoolkids in parades.

Guess the transformation into a Carmel stepchild is complete. Calling all newlyweds and nearlydeads!

Article mentions “affordable” $30 bottles of wine and the $140 purses made from junk car parts.

As for the markups, Walter said the philosophy is simple.

“We want people to try new wine,” she said. “They can come here and get something for $30 that they’d only look at another restaurant.

In addition to woman’s clothing, Johnson sells old California license plates that have been fashioned into purses, CD holders and address book covers. Her store occupies an old pharmacy with a lovely tin ceiling that dates to 1888.

Back in Pacific Grove, you can hire bikes or take a sea kayak tour. Or try your luck with a skim board at Lovers Point Park, which has a protected, small swimming beach of silky, pale blond sand.

(don’t mention the high fecal content of that sand )

Speaking of Passionfish
So THAT’S What P.G. Is Famous For!