Ospina Loses Lawsuit Against P.G.


The city of Pacific Grove did what it was supposed to do in the case of a dog attack last summer on another dog owned by a local television news anchor, a judge ruled Friday.

Judge Robert O’Farrell said he did not see a role for the court in the city’s handling of a hearing that stemmed from the July 25 incident.

Ospina’s lawyer Charles Warner said Sampson’s owner has not responded to Ospina’s claim for reimbursement of $21,000 in veterinary bills for her dog, which indicates she probably isn’t in compliance with other requirements set by the city.

“The city of Pacific Grove is legally correct,” O’Farrell said, adding that Ospina is free to bring other proceedings to recover her monetary losses.

What’s been said from the start – it’s a civil matter.

Ospina Loses Lawsuit Against P.G.

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  1. Who can blame her? Monterey has gotten too expensive for those making less than 6 figures a year. I was forced to move after my chance of living the “american dream,” was nothing more than living in East Salinas. I definitely miss the town I was born and raised in, but certainly do not miss the politics.

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