David Dilworth Again Blathering His Feelings As Truth

And gets caught!

Letters From The Editor

In the Sept. 8 letters, as well as all over the local nightly news, David Dilworth repeatedly says without attribution:

“University of California insect scientists tell us that the huge Santa Cruz infestation areas could not have occurred in just a few months. The moth has probably been here for years — and done little noticeable damage.”

Well, here, with attribution, is what UC actually says:

“The moth, a native of Australia, had never before been found in North America until it was identified in the San Francisco Bay Area in February.” Here’s the attribution: www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/NEWS/light_brown_apple_moth-news.html

Dilworth Warning

Don’t believe a thing this uneducated attention whore says. He cannot back it up, let alone know that an “insect scientist” is called an Entomologist.

David Dilworth Again Blathering His Feelings As Truth

2 thoughts on “David Dilworth Again Blathering His Feelings As Truth

  1. You’re blaming someone for not having their story straight when it actually appears that it’s you that could use the research. I believe Mr. Dilworth was referring to UC Davis entomologist, James Carey, who has stated publicly several times that the Light Brown Apple Moth has been here much longer than the CDFA claims and that it cannot be eradicated at this point. (Monterey County Herald, “Scientist says moth can’t be eradicated”, November 7, 2007, Page A1)

    In addition, retired entomologist Jerry Powell, who found the “first” moth in Berkeley, CA on July 19, 2006, has also stated, “They [the moths] had probably been here a few years before they happened to bumble into my light trap”. http://www.sfbg.com/entry.php?entry_id=5325)

    The CDFA has openly and publicly admitted in their public meetings (especially on October 23, 2007 in Santa Cruz) that there has not been a single case of reported crop damage due to the Light Brown Apple Moth.

    So before spouting off misinformation, please check your own facts.

  2. Did you read about the paranoids in Santa Cruz that reported falling ill to the moth spraying when the planes never left the ground?

    I believe Mr. Dilworth was referring

    See, you do the same thing. “I believe” is your feelings. Not the fact.

    If Dilworth would present more facts than feelings, he would be more credible. When you are trying to get your face on the TV news and want to be believed, stick to the facts.

    That’s the point of the blog posting . . .

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