New Monterey Police Blotter – May 2007

5/1/07 MCSO was aided in the citation of SHAFER, KENNITH EMIL on Muni Warrant #MS249651A for FTA on 647(F) PC.

5/1/07 SHAFER, KENNITH EMIL was cited for open container on Bruce Ariss Way

5/1/07 Citizen reports her vehicle struck and damaged at Prescott & Lighthouse. A WFA40’s in a Red Mazda 3 series fled South on Lighthouse.

5/2/07 HUDSON, GLEN was cited for trespassing on private lands at 798 Wave.

5/3/07 Citizen reports loss of a gold link bracelet on 4-30-07 at 800 block of Cannery Row.

5/3/07 The After the Quake at 643 Cannery Row reports theft of a vinyl jacket with a Monterey Bay logo on it.

5/4/07City of Monterey reports graffiti to the men’s room at Hilltop Park, 871 Jessie St.

5/5/07 REED, STEVEN was cited for driving on a suspended license, displaying false tabs, and not having insurance at David & Hawthorne.

5/5/07 Citizen reports theft of his Sony USB Thumb Drive in the 700 block of Lighthouse.

5/5/07 SPINDRAFT INN, 652 Cannery Row reports graffiti to the exterior walls.

5/6/07 Citizen reports the theft of a IPOD Nano while at Carls Jr, 900 Lighthouse.

5/6/07 MPD took custody of dog from a vehicle parked in the 300 block of Reeside for being deprived of necessary sustenance. Dog taken to City Yard.

5/7/07 NAKASHIMA, PAUL was arrested for public intoxication on the 300 block Lighthouse.

5/8/07 Citizen reports a burglary to his residence, 800 block of Hawthorne. Items taken: two Dell laptops. POE: Possible key used.

5/9/07 ROBINSON, TARA was cited for 6-28 MCC Vicious Dog for not having the court ordered muzzle on her dog, 6-3 MCC having a dog tied up, 22-15 MCC Urinating/ defecating in public, and 22-1 open container on Prescott/ Foam.

5/11/07 Prado, Antonio was arrested for DUI at David and Hawthorne.

5/12/07 CASEY, RAY was arrested for public intoxication at Lighthouse and Prescott.

5/12/07 BANEUX, ILIAS was arrested for DUI at Hawthorne and Dickman.

5/12/07 JOSE’S BAR AND GRILL 638 Wave reports two white males, 16-18yrs old, wearing white T-shirt’s and blue jeans riding unknown black mountain bike’s to have taken their cash register from inside the business. The cash register was empty and was later found in the 400 block of Wave.

5/12/07 Citizen reports unknown to have walked over the top of her vehicle while parked in the 400 block of Wave.

5/13/07 SPENCE, BRITTON was arrested for public intoxication at 200 Prescott.

5/14/07 Citizen 900 block of Archer reports his residence’s alarm to have been triggered.

5/15/07 Citizen reports being battered by a transient known as, “Rocky” at Bruce Ariss Way.

5/16/07 Citizen reports to have been chased in his car by a metallic gray, Ford Ranger stepside, unknown plate, by an unidentified driver on Lighthouse at David.

5/16/07 EVANS, RUSSELL was arrested for DUI at David and Laine.

5/16/07 MCSO was aided in the arrest of SPENCE, BRITTON for misdemeanor warrants at 700 Lighthouse.

5/16/07 ROTHER, TERRY was arrested for public intoxication at 700 Lighthouse

5/17/07 Fight between two male adults in the 700 block of Cannery Row.

5/17/07 Citizen 800 block of Laine reports the theft of the rear license plate from a black 1993 Lexus.

5/18/07 MONTEREY PLAZA HOTEL, 400 Cannery Row, found a blue and grey Magna Great Divide men’s mountain bike.

5/18/07 Citizen reports a blue and white Classic Charter bus to have struck his school bus at Foam and Irving.

5/18/07 Citizen 800 block of Archer reports theft of her Honda dirtbike.

5/18/07 Citizen reports theft of his black Hoffman BMX men’s bike from 800 block of Archer.

5/19/07 BOOTH, Lynn was arrested for DUI in the 400 block of Lighthouse. POLD: Rocky Point.

5/20/07 Vandalism to a gray 2003 GMC Yukon while parked at 242 Cannery Row.

5/20/07 Citizen reports unknown to have stolen a hand held GPS, IPOD, and vehicle radio, from his unlocked vehicle, which was parked in the 700 block of Irving.

5/21/07 Citizen advised that her dog was attacked by a dog in the 700 block of Lily.

5/21/07 MISHK, JEREMY was arrested for burglary and providing false information to a peace officer at 2055 hours at 610 Del Monte. The burglary occurred at Creative Tattoo, 800 Lighthouse #c, on today’s date at 07 hours.

5/21/07 MCSO was aided in the arrest of MISHK, JEREMY for an outstanding no bail felony warrant at 2109 hours in MPD Jail.

5/22/07 REYNOLDS, LARRY was cited for littering at Prescott and Lighthouse.

5/23/07 Citizen reports unknown to have attempted to break into the washer and dryer located in the 800 block of Parcel.

5/23/07 Battery between two male juveniles at Archer Park.

5/23/07 Juvenile male was arrested for vandalism on the Rec Trail east of Cannery Row and Foam

5/25/07 MPD towed a trailer with boat from the 900 block of Belden for being abandoned.

5/25/07 REYNOLDS, LARRY was cited for drinking in public on the north side of Longs.

5/26/07 Citizen versus parked car at Wave and David.

5/26/07 Citizen reports unknown to have bent her gas lid and scratched her 04 silver Dodge Dakota on 5-26-07 between 1740 hours and 1905 hours while parked behind 800 block of Wave.

5/27/07 Citizen used offensive words likely to provoke a fight against another citizen while protesting at Window by the Bay Park.

5/27/07 MAHANEY, ROBERT was arrested for DUI at Reeside and Lighthouse.

5/28/07 Citizen 200 block of Laine, reports the theft of her royal blue 2004 Yamaha Zooma scooter.

5/28/07 Civil issue with 700 block of Grace Street over tree trimming.

5/29/07 Citizen 700 block of Lobos reports an unknown suspect to have stolen a contractor’s saw, a spare saw blade, and an air compressor.

New Monterey Police Blotter – May 2007