Willoughby Whines Over Property Use

First the tidepools, now the streets where we live

From the Council Agenda

B. Consider Claim for Damages No. L2007-05 ~ J. W. Willoughby

Council will consider a claim from an injured party and determine whether to approve the claim or deny and refer the matter back to staff. If the claim is denied as recommended, the claimant will have six (6) months to file legal action.

Reference: Executive Assistant Kirchhofer
Recommended Action: Deny and Refer the Claim to Staff

Willoughbys View

The yard. Looks like a happy PG family lives here. Nothing like the life endangering, environment threatening situation Willoughby cries about.Willoughbys View 2

Willoughby goes on to whine about a vacant lot that has a boat on a trailer parked there, and the home next door that may not be in “open house” condition, lowering the property values
Would having fringe kooks in the neighborhood that may sue you for anything you do that does not agree with him also lower your property values?

Willoughby Whines Over Property Use