P.G.’s Mountain Lion Lunches At Bleachers

Lion Bleachers

Mountain lion warnings have been posted at Pacific Grove High School and nearby Forest Grove Elementary School after the carcass of a deer apparently killed by a big cat was discovered on campus last week.

The slain deer was found under the visitors’ bleachers at Breaker Stadium at 4 p.m. Thursday, said high school principal Stan Dodd.

No lion was seen, he said, but an animal control officer and state Department of Fish and Game warden confirmed that the carcass was likely a mountain lion kill.

“We’ve alerted everyone,” he said. “We’ve informed everyone to take precautions at the school at night and before dawn. Luckily, the time they’re active is when the kids aren’t here.”

The deer was removed by the Department of Fish and Game to prevent the lion from returning to finish its meal, said Police Chief Darius Engles.

OK, so let’s tick off the lion and steal it’s food. Will it leave or just look for something else to eat?

P.G.’s Mountain Lion Lunches At Bleachers