P.G. City Department Heads On The Block

Makes sense to centralize common tasks and put department leaders to work in their departments.

Departments affected include recreation, community development, public works and the city’s golf course, library and museum.

“I don’t think this is a massacre,” Colangelo said. “This is something necessary to move the organization forward. This is a relatively small step we are taking.”

City department heads spend “too much time doing administrative tasks instead of providing the services we need to be providing,” he said.

Under Colangelo’s plan, tasks burdening department heads would be shifted to city administrators. Department head posts would be eliminated. Senior departmental staff members, who are paid less, would run the departments.

“I have to support my city manager,” said Recreation Director John Miller. “Changes have to be made, and this is his vision.”

Miller, who worked for the city as a teenager and started full time in 1979, said past city managers talked about reorganizing, but he has never seen any action.

“This is actually the first time in my 28 years that a plan has come forward to move in the direction of centralizing everything,” he said.

P.G. City Department Heads On The Block