Beautification Committee Solution: Less Ugly News Racks

If the city council agrees, the current newspaper and magazine racks would likely be replaced by holders manufactured by Sho-Rack, Martinez said. The same types of racks, currently used in Cannery Row, will be more compact, provide uniformity and will have curved tops to prevent people from leaving items on top of the racks. “We will pay for a maintenance program if they become damaged or have graffiti,” she said. “The maintenance fee for each site is about $500 per year.”

The Cannery Row Racks. Doesn’t that look just like Jersey Bus Station Style.
Newsrack Aquarium

Yes the racks on the ‘Row show uniformity and legitimize all the tabloids, tourist ad books and other wastes of paper. So it will cut down on the unsightly collections of vinyl racks, right? This grafitti laden County Weekly rack is across the street from the other County Weakly rack in front of the Aquarium.
News Rack Cr Weakly

The PG Post office looks like some kind of recycle center for wayward news racks. If it’s in print, you can get it here.
News Rack Old Post Office
If that is not enough, a select few can be found catty-corner from the PO. Yep, blocking the handicap access to the sidewalk.
News Rack P Fish

More vinyl racks make getting out of a car over by the PG Police Substation difficult:
News Rack Gaspars

First, they really should not have any of these impeding the passage from street to sidewalk. This building just had it’s facade restored and repainted. That rack there sure keeps it ghetto looking. Open up the view, don’t block it.
News Rack PG Business

Does Lighthouse Avenue really need more of this? No. What about a real news stand? Actually hire someone to sell newspapers and distribute the other items. The motels already hand out those tourist sheets. Make the businesses with racks on their sidewalks keep them clean. What? They may not want to do that? Then why not sell papers in the store?

Rack outside of a liquor store:
News Rack Old Rons Liquor

The Grove Theater used to have a Greyhound Depot with the best selection of periodicals. Even the Rexall drug store had the papers neatly stacked inside. Pick up a pack of Juicy Fruit when you got the Sunday Comical. That same place today is a rug store with, yes a monster rack out on the sidewalk.
News Rack Hazaras

There is NOTHING the committee can do to make this beautiful.

Beautification Committee Solution: Less Ugly News Racks