Pacific Grove City Council Approves One Time Cuts

But there was time and money to kill the ice plant that prevented erosion.

Facing a projected half-million-dollar shortfall by June, the Pacific Grove City Council approved one-time cuts to nearly all of the city’s departments on Wednesday to balance the budget while avoiding layoffs.

Vacancies in the police department, $320,000.
Delay in the completion of storm drainage work, $75,000
Eliminating a winter youth basketball game, $1,500
Spring adult sports, $1,200
Part-time shelver at the library, $8,000
Maintenance of ocean-front turnouts, $6,000

Turnout Erosion

Turnout Pot Holes

Items on the list include maintenance of trees, recreation trails, sidewalks and streets; competitive pay for police officers and firefighters; and restoring Sunday and night hours twice a week at the library.

Pacific Grove City Council Approves One Time Cuts