New Monterey Police Blotter – August 2006

8/2/06 Monterey Boat Works, 32 Cannery Row reports suspicious circumstances and vandalism to their business.

8/4/06 MERCURIO, JOHN was arrested for possession of a switch-blade at Lighthouse and Drake. Juvenile male was cited for possession of marijuana.

8/4/06 NAPOLITANO, ROGER was arrested for public intoxication at Cannery Row and Prescott.

8/4/06 KADJEVICH,NICHOLAS was arrested at Prescott and the Rec Trail for public intoxication. POLD: Sly McFly’s.

8/5/06 Two female victims report being battered by an unknown Black male in the parking lot at Planet Gemini at 625 Cannery Row.

8/5/06 SALINAS, ROBERTO OSWALDO was arrested at 700 Cannery Row for public intoxication.

8/6/06 700 Cannery Row (Elegant Illusions), reports an unknown stole 8 gold toe rings between 1400 and 1420 hours this date. Value estimated to be $600.

8/8/06 Business reports a white male adult 40’s, brown hair, white t-shirt and beige pants to possible used a stolen credit card to attempt to purchase items at Nic’s Market, 701 Lighthouse.

8/9/06 The Blue Moon restaurant, 654 Cannery Row was the victim of a meal skip. Total loss:$66.71.

8/10/06 MPD officer reports losing his APS expandable baton in the area of Lighthouse and Dickman.

8/10/06 Prescription medication taken at Longs located at 2170 N. Fremont.

8/10/06 Citizen reports unknown to have hit his vehicle while parked in the 300 blk of Hawthorne.

8/11/06 Victim unknown driving a White Toyota Tacoma with a white camper shell to have struck him while riding his motorcycle in the area of southbound
Lighthouse south of Private Bolio on 8-10-06 at approximately 1720 hours.

8/12/06 Theft of cell phone while at Ocean Thunder 214 Lighthouse between 8/9/06 2355 and 8/10/06 0100 hours.

8/12/06 Citizen reports unknown to have struck his vehicle while parked in the parking lot of Gianni’s Pizza.

8/12/06 Citizen reports being battered at the seen of an accident at 800 Cannery Row.

8/13/06 MPD towed a green 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood from 800 block of Cypress for registration expired over 6 months.

8/13/06 Resident 800 block of Taylor reports the burglary to a Hyundai 8/12/06 2330 and 8/13/06 0230 hours. Taken 12″ woofer speaker and box and 40 music Cd’s Value $600.

8/14/06 MPD towed an abandoned vehicle, 1987 Pontiac Fiero, at Laine and Reeside.

8/15/06 Livermore PD was assisted in the recovery of there stolen 2005 GMC in the 800 block of Lighthouse.

8/15/06 Monterey Public Works reported graffiti to the north wall of 200 Foam.

8/15/06 Monterey Public Works reported graffiti to a bike storage box located behind 299 Cannery Row.

8/15/06 Found boys Mongoose dirt bike in the 500 block of Belden and a blue Shimano Ultra-Shock 21-speed mountain bike in a dumpster at 400 Cannery Row.

8/18/06 MCSO was aided in the issuing of a citation to TRIPP, JAMES on their outstanding $3000 warrant in the 300 block of Prescott.

8/18/06 Security guard in the 400 block of Foam, reports a white male, 30s, 6′, 220 lbs, wearing dark clothes, prowling in the parking garage at the above.

8/18/06 McDANIEL, KENNETH was arrested for public intoxication at 686 Lighthouse.

8/22/06 theft of a tailgate from a white Ford F150, 500 block of Pine, between 8/21/06 at 1230 hours and 8/22/06 at 0730 hrs.

8/22/06 MPD towed a blue 1996 Honda Civic from 800 block of Lighthouse for registration expired over 6 months.

8/23/06 MPD towed a gold 1999 GMC Sierra from 400 block of Spencer for expired registration over 6 months.

8/23/06 FAHEY, JOHN was arrested for public intoxication at 23625 Holman Highway.

8/23/06 Victim reports a hit and run to her parked vehicle in the 600 block of Belden.

8/25/06 Citizen reports unknown to have smashed the passenger window of his 1996 Ford while it was parked at David and Wave.

8/27/06 Hit and run traffic accident versus parked vehicle at 701 Wave.

8/29/06 Victim 20 block of Cannery Row reports someone to have cut the bird netting off his roof.

8/30/06 WARD, DANIEL was cited for indecent exposure on the Recreation Trail.

8/30/06 WARD, DANIEL was arrested on five outstanding misdemeanor warrants, $27,000 on the Recreation Trail.

8/31/06 Citizen 600 block of Lily, reports the theft of a house, car, and P.O. Box key from his unlocked Toyota

8/31/06 Citizen 500 block of Parcel reports someone to have stolen his XM Radio from his vehicle while parked.

8/31/06 LYONS, KRISTINE was arrested for possession of a controlled substance on Lighthouse and Prescott. LYONS additionally charged with possession of prescription medication w/out prescription and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

New Monterey Police Blotter – August 2006