Rainwater Will Pollute The Ocean?

Sarah Hardgrave. Isn’t she gone yet?

The storm runoff water might be an environmental danger if it is diluted into the Pacific Ocean, but would be safe to spray into the air where people play golf and wildlife live. Can’t come up with anything kookier than that, eco-freaks.

The city is looking at recycling storm water runoff because last year, the State Water Resources Board redefined storm water runoff as waste water for parts of the coastline designated as Areas of Special Biological Significance or ASBS. The city immediately applied for and received an exception that buys it some time.

Hardgrave says, “And the exception says storm water is waste and you can only discharge it if it is not having an effect on the natural water quality of the ocean in the near shore within the ASBS.”

Tests are now being conducted to see if storm water really does pollute the ocean. But even if the tests find the water does not pollute, the city still faces skyrocketing costs of watering its golf course and cemetery.

Rainwater Will Pollute The Ocean?