People Injured By Drunk Driver Aaron Corn Ask For His Release

Well, their odds of being injured by a drunk have played out. Mine on the other hand have yet to be met. Please keep me safe and keep the man in jail..

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Corn has served roughly half of his sentence, taking good behavior credits into consideration. If his full sentence is reinstated, he will likely be incarcerated 2½ years more.

“I’m just asking for one chance to prove that I can be a better person than I was three years ago,” he told Scott.

Scott then asked Corn a question, telling him he didn’t have to answer.

The judge read a three-year-old letter to the court from the father of one of Corn’s passengers that said Corn was manipulative and had lived “a lifetime of bad decisions.”

Scott asked Corn what he had to say about the statement.

Corn appeared stunned by the words and said he hardly knew the father, adding, “That’s not who I am.”

Prosecutor Todd Hornik asked for Corn’s full sentence to be reinstated.

“He will walk out” of prison, Hornik said. “Miss Hill will never walk.”

Hornik said Corn, who had been in a residential rehabilitation program before the crash, had used up his second chances.

“If he hadn’t been afforded that opportunity while he was in juvenile rehab, we wouldn’t be here today,” Hornik said.

People Injured By Drunk Driver Ask For His Release