Agha’s Desal Project Bought Out?

Looks like normal Nadir business. Agha says it will cost $129,000,000 and a consultant says it will cost $190,000,000. Lew says he owns it, Nadir says he doesn’t. Lew says he has an agreement with Cal Am, Cal Am says they don’t.

Jaws dropped at the Pacific Grove City Council meeting this week when a man introduced himself and said he was taking over Nader Agha’s “People’s Desal” project.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Donald Lew, managing partner for the Concord-based JDL Development private equity firm, made the surprising announcement Agha is no longer involved in the desal project, and that the project has been renamed.

Do check out the article in the Pine Cone. Lovely quotes like this:

According to JDL’s website, the family-owned private equity firm has a “focus on private equity investments in innovative companies with disruptive technologies within the health care, natural and renewable resources and green technology markets.”

Agha’s Desal Project Bought Out?