Where Are The Butterflies At The Mvsevm?

Mvsevm Speakeasy

For sale it seems. The exact plan some had was to turn the Mvsevm into another art gallery.

local historian Esther Trosow said she was “flabbergasted” when she went into the store at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and discovered they were selling monarchs — dead ones.

“It’s one thing to have monarchs on display in the museum” as part of an exhibit, Trosow said. “In fact, the museum sorely needs an adequate monarch exhibit. It’s another thing to have specimens displayed as baubles in the gift shop.”

The framed display was introduced after a major renovation and overhaul of the museum store, which included abandoning the sale of cheap toys in favor of better quality items and crafts from local artists.

Where Are The Butterflies At The Mvsevm?