Union Disturbs Peace In Name Of What?

Last round the workers got 90 cents an hour over the term of the contract.

Union Work

scores of union members armed with whistles, drums, placards, megaphones and leafets shouted bilingual phrases and taunts as they circled the historic center.They were not pleased with concessionaire Aramark’s proposal for a five year freeze on wages! This action, if implemented, would keep the pay of Asilomar’s house keeping employees at $12.74 an hour until 2016!

Are! They! Happy! To! Have! Apostrophes Exclamation Points! At! The! Bulletin! Or! What!

(thanks to Ted for the proofreading, even if he was technically wrong, the message got through!)
Union Disturbs Peace In Name Of What?

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  1. Do you know the difference between an apostrophe ‘ and an explanation point! ???? There are only two apostraphes in the paragraph for that matter there is only two explanation point. I have no idea what your gripe is. The photo is funny though

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