Attorney For Deborah King Wants No Mention Of ‘Victim’, ‘Reckless’ or ‘Impaired’

Next we may hear how Joel Woods ruined King’s life by being in an accident

Deborah King
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The attorney, Heather Rogers, is so adamant about the point that she doesn’t even want Woods referred to as a “victim” in front of the jury as King is tried for murdering him by driving under the influence.

Rogers also tried some novel strategies, including asking the judge to prevent prosecutors and witnesses from referring to Woods as a “victim” in front of the jury, calling the word a “legal conclusion” that could place King in a negative light. She said the death of Woods was accidental, not criminal, and that only a crime could have a victim.

But the judge disagreed. “‘Victim’ is not a legal conclusion — it’s a word people use every day not anywhere near this courthouse,” Scott said. He concluded trying to remove it from witnesses’ vocabulary would be “impossible.”

Rogers also wanted witnesses, including a woman who dialed 911, to be forbidden from using the terms, “impaired,” and “reckless” when testifying against King.

Attorney For Deborah King Wants No Mention Of ‘Victim’, ‘Reckless’ or ‘Impaired’

4 thoughts on “Attorney For Deborah King Wants No Mention Of ‘Victim’, ‘Reckless’ or ‘Impaired’

  1. Actually, the defense attorney is correct. I hate to say it, but this woman was following doctor’s orders. Horrible accident, no doubt. But who walks out into a highway with oncoming traffic? Lapse of judgement.

  2. I don’t think so Judy.

    Read the accounts of witnesses saying she was all over the road from Holman highway and people were calling 911 on her.

    I’ve picked up children there – sober drivers know it’s a school zone and leave lots of room. The victim saw King and pressed himself against his truck to no avail.

    Prison for life, I say. Then civil penalties up the wazoo.

  3. This lady is ac complete scumbag. 5 DUI’s gives you no room to talk when something like this happens. Even if following doctors orders she should not have been operating a vehicle. Did her doctor tell her to drive after taking all these pills?

    She wasn’t to be driving anyways, having been arrested 5 prior times for DUI…

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