Frutchey Named P.G. City Manager

City Employees – you’re boned. CYA people.

Pacific Grove’s newly chosen city manager was fired from his previous city administrator post in Oxnard 12 years ago for his contentious management style following complaints from former employees who said he created a “culture of fear”.

City residents – you’re boned, too. Look forward to bending over for more tourists.

Two council members at the time said “Frutchey streamlined Oxnard’s bureaucracy and helped make the city more business-friendly,” the Times said. He also had support from the president of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Frutchey Named P.G. City Manager

3 thoughts on “Frutchey Named P.G. City Manager

  1. A. There are different stories about Frutchey. Oxnard went through three city managers in eight years–Frutchey lasted for four of those. Personality aside, perhaps we should consider his record of success in business…I believe Borla was a succesful venture, was it not?
    B. Excuse me, “bending over for more tourists?” Where does that come from? Look, the good old days are gone. Sprouse-Reitz is gone. Dyke’s Drug Store is gone. Tradition is fine, but it’s not 1955 any more. The kids who inherited the houses sold out. There are too many people using PG as a second home instead of really living here. Where do you suggest the money come from now, if not from tourists? Try offering a solution instead of just complaining.

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