Counterfeit Money Passed At Safeway

Fake Money Perps

Police arrested three Seaside residents suspected of passing fake $100 bills, Pacific Grove P.D. detective Adam Sepagan said this week, while U.S. Secret Service agents are working to determine who manufactured the fraudulent notes.

According to police, 21-year-old Marquise Legaux received the counterfeit cash from 31-year-old Laura Long and then exchanged it for real money in the register at his job at the Pacific Grove Safeway. Jimmy Alexander, a 32-year-old Seaside resident who is on probation, is also accused of passing a fake $100 bill at Safeway through Legaux.

In this case, thieves used chemicals to wash the ink off of $5 bills and then overlaid them with the design from a $100 bill using high-quality printers and copiers.

Because the paper is genuine, the fake bills feel real to the touch, and the special pens used by retailers to verify the paper’s quality indicate they are real.

Counterfeit Money Passed At Safeway

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  1. Marquise was a bagger at the P.G. Safeway and was a very friendly kid. Too bad **HE** got mixed up with this.

  2. Det. Sepagan advises it’s a HE. Strong resemblance to Tracey Chapman, but it’s a HE.

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