Mail Thieves Caught

A P.G. resident was among the victims.

Officers made their first arrest Nov. 4, tracking 39-year-old Edith Gaskins down at her Seaside home, where she was hiding in the closet.

When they interviewed 33-year-old Leticia Balajadia, also of Seaside, “she tried to point a finger at all the others, but it turned out she was very involved in the operation,” Uretsky said, and she was arrested Nov. 17.

The other two, 33-year-old Warkiesha Pettis-Gulley and 40-year-old Brian Anderson, a husband and wife who live in Marina, were arrested early this month after fleeing Washington Mutual Bank.

They had entered the Seaside WaMu earlier in day but left, and a bank official issued an alert to other branches in the area, according to Carmel detective Jesse Juarez. In Carmel, Pettis-Gulley walked up to the counter with a forged check to deposit, but the teller recognized her and called police.

Mail Thieves Caught