City Manager’s Recommended Budget

Staff will present the recommended FY 2007/08 budget. The City Council will discuss the budget, but will not take any action at this meeting. Public hearings are scheduled, for May 2, 2007 and May 16, 2007, with adoption tentatively scheduled for May 16, 2007.

Increases revenues 1.44 million.

Eliminate the Fire Division Chief position $90,000
De-fund 2.0 authorized Police Officer positions $216,000
De-fund one (of two) full-time staff at the museum for 25% of year $35,000
De-fund the Office Assistant position in the Recreation department $40,000
Eliminate contract plan-check services in the Community
Development Department $10,000
Contract with the City of Carmel for additional fire management services $60,000

Additional parking enforcement $25,000

Ha. A regular subject here about merchants & employees parking all day on Lighthouse and side streets.

Parking Victorian Corner Chevy 130803

Tree evaluation services and permit fee $65,000
Golf fee increases $400,000
Modify golf course clubhouse use permit to allow non-golf events $20,000
Increase rents from City facilities and parks $50,000
Decrease General Fund support for Museum; rely on other sources $60,000

How would you like to be the Park Fee Enforcement person? Stop, the wedding, lets see your papers . .

Implement metered parking in vicinity of Lovers’ Point $270,000
Implement metered parking in vicinity of Central Ave. and Eardley Ave. $99,000

Lovers Point Parking

That would look ugly on the shoreline.

Still fleecing the tourists, but staying away from Lighthouse Avenue. Looks like more of the high tech parking meters on the way.

Why not put some at the golf course parking lot as well?

PG Golf

City Manager’s Recommended Budget