Union Pickets Return To PG

With it’s paid picketers donning new signs and bright yellow vests, Carpenters Union Local 605 has resumed a picketing campaign against a local construction company after a hiatus of more than two months.

According to two local general contractors, the picketing is a waste of time and money. Dale Bender, owner of Dale Bender Construction, said he believes the union ís message is lost among the general public. People just drive past them and they are just there, he said. The [union] is doing absolutely nothing but supporting picketers.

Randy Randazzo, another small contractor, said he believes the money the union spends on the picketing could be better directed. There are a lot of union carpenters out of work, he said.

The activity hasn’t had a negative impact on DMC. It sounds silly, McAweeney said, but it’s actually had a positive effect on our business because people recognize the value of merit-based employment.

I see a Monterey Hear-Old truck stop and hand out papers to the picketers.

Union Pickets Return To PG