Jason Chioino Files Claims Against County

County supervisors have denied two claims brought Tuesday afternoon by Jason Chioino, who is facing trial on three counts of possessing drugs with intent to sell.

One claim seeks compensation for allegedly being exposed to asbestos in the Salinas Courthouse. The second claim asserts that the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office improperly restrained Chioino, physically harming him.

Chioino’s record includes felony convictions for kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and breaking and entering. He has served two prison terms.

Chioino is awaiting a Nov. 9 hearing to set the date of his jury trial. He is representing himself, said prosecutor Anne Hill.

Concerned that he have been exposed to asbestos but uses meth? Can’t brush his teeth while shackled is the other reason, he has teethe after using meth? Sounds like the American Criminal Liberties Union is recruiting out at CJ.

This man was allegedly caught in PG with a pound of Meth. And now of a sudden he is all concerned about his health? I got a big claim in return – endangering me an my family by bringing dangerous drugs and their users to my town. The compensation? Lock him up for life.

Jason Chioino Files Claims Against County

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  1. life? no. my cousin has simply made bad choices like Y0U & Y0UR children have. his past doesnt mean that he isnt a human being with rights!

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