Outzen-Ville Expands Westward

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Demolition revealed an advertisement for Bull Durham tobacco on the north wall of a building occupied by Carbone’s Bar. Outzen said the wall dates to at least the 1920s.

Monterey senior associate planner Christy Hopper said records show the building was completely rebuilt in 1944.

However, the building next to it was built in the 1920s, meaning the tobacco advertisement was probably painted before the adjacent structure was built.

The iconic bull in the advertisement was the idea of founder William T. Sherman, who modeled it after Colman’s Mustard, which had a bull on its label for much of its history, according to documents provided by the American Tobacco Historic District, based in Durham, North Carolina.

Clarke, who owns the Carbone’s building, said he has no plans to paint over the sign — mostly because a large building is planned to go in front of it.

Outzenville Expands Westward

Bus Stops Hurting Business

Traffic too. Now when a bus stops at one of those new jazzy stops it blocks the right lane.

Monterey-Salinas Transit began construction on the new Jazz line last June and for several months it closed lanes on Lighthouse Avenue. Carbone said it was a nightmare for his customers.

“There were a couple of days where I, personally, I cant speak for the other businesses, literally had two customers in my establishments,” he said. “Two people all day long.”

Carbone said he plans to fight to help all the businesses in the area. “They say it’s over and it’s not over. It’s over when I say it’s over,” he said.

Bus Stops Hurting Business