Rude Racist Of Questionable Competency

John Charles Ensor, 48, was arrested at gunpoint by Pacific Grove Police officers on Aug. 12, 2020 after they say he made threats, yelled racial slurs and threw an aluminum baseball bat at a vehicle and a beer can at another. The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office charged Ensor with a litany of crimes, including a hate crime, assault by means to produce great bodily injury, criminal threats and exhibiting a deadly weapon.

A mental health evaluation was filed, but Butler has not yet ruled on whether or not he is competent to stand trial. Ensor tried to get Jefferson, his taxpayer-funded attorney, fired from his case at the Dec. 4 hearing.

Rude Racist Of Questionable Competency

Failed Project Bella, Lawsuit Goes Federal

Place ought to be used for senior housing.

Project Bella Overhead View

The former U.S. Army general facing a lawsuit by an investor over a failed luxury hotel in the American Tin
Cannery has successfully had the case moved from Monterey County Superior Court to federal court.

Investor Todd Timboe in October 2020 sued four-star Gen. Wesley Clark and four other  businessmen who were behind the failed Project Bella, a high end hotel proposed for  the American Tin Cannery. Proponents promised the hotel would bring scores of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue for Pacific Grove, but the proposal crumbled long before a shovel ever had a chance to hit ground.

A new project to build a hotel on the site proposed by Comstock Development has better financial backing and is moving through the process, though some residents are still opposed to the idea of a hotel on the site. Timboe filed the lawsuit in civil court in Monterey, alleging the hotel backers had fraudulently induced him to invest $500,000 in the project — even as the companies behind the development didn’t have the financial wherewithal to build the hotel.

Failed Project Bella, Lawsuit Goes Federal

Seal Posse Opposes Hotel At ATC

And did you know that a Fakebook Page about seals has fewer followers than subscribers to the Hear-old?

Pacific Grove’s shoreline is also a place where thousands of tourists flock to in order to observe wildlife, including the popular seals around Hopkins Marine Station. Thom Akeman, a docent with Bay Net, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s volunteer naturalist program, said he’s seen more than 1,000 newborn pups over the past 17 years he’s been a docent.

He’s talked about seals with more than 50,000 visitors and has trained other docents to help tourists and visitors understand the seal colonies. His wife, Kim Akeman, maintains a Facebook page called “Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove” that has in excess of 12,000 followers.

“We have seen how little it takes sometimes to disturb the harbor seals and drive them off the beaches,” Thom Akeman said about the estimated two years worth of construction that includes removing an estimated 70,000 tons of granite bedrock — enough to fill 6,000 dump trucks.

The environmental report states that no blasting will occur at the site, but it also notes in a geotechnical report that removing that much granite “will probably not be possible with conventional construction equipment.” It does not reference what alternative means of excavation would be used.

Seal Posse Opposes Hotel At ATC

Beacon House Closing It’s Doors

Could not recover from Covid it seems.

Beacon House

Senior Vice President Teresa Garate said, “For over six decades, Beacon House has been there for people suffering from substance use disorders and mental health issues, and has done so with compassionate care and the highest quality treatment in the field.”

“The pandemic has negatively impacted many industries and addiction treatment has not escaped its wrath. At the same time, we have seen deterioration in insurance reimbursement,” says Garate.

As of December 31, 2020, Beacon House will close its doors.

Beacon House Closing It’s Doors

Oooo Sting!

In the latest of a long string of cars being driven into local buildings, this Subaru crashed into a music store in downtown Pacific Grove Thursday morning.

Police didn’t say what they believe caused the crash or identify the driver, but the wreckage offered some possible clues: A handicapped placard is visible near the steering wheel and there’s a walker on the back seat.

Oooo Sting!

Life Has Not Been Good To Scott Russo

Living it the way  he chose to.

Scott Russo in 2005, arrested for robbing the Kragen Auto Parts store he managed

Scott Russo  in 2020
Scott Russo 2020

On November 28, 2020 at approximately 6:57 p.m., Monterey Police Officers were dispatched to Mandeville Court on a report of a burglary in progress at a closed business. The person reporting the incident observed the suspect inside the business removing items before leaving in a pickup truck. Responding officers located the truck on Highway 68 and stopped it.

The driver of the truck was identified as Scott Russo, 47 years-old of Monterey. Russo was found to be on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) for a previous conviction of burglary and had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for burglary. Russo was arrested and in possession of burglary tools and a small amount of cocaine. Officers searched the truck and located stolen property that
had been taken from the business on Mandeville Court.

Life Has Not Been Good To Scott Russo

Nader, Got Any Water?

Somebody’s going to get sued..

The application for the project was made by Vista Nadura LLC and developer Nader Agha, who were told in September by the Monterey County Planning Commission that their application is incomplete. They are appealing that decision to the county supervisors.

The site is located behind Carmel Valley Manor. The subdivision dates back to 2002, and Agha contends his application should have been certified as complete 13 years ago. A county report at the time indicated that the application was determined to be incomplete “because the applicant had not submitted proof of adequate water supply.”

Nader, Got Any Water?

Downtown Hand Me Downs – Stockton Democrat Mayor Loses Relection

One of the youngest mayors in the country, who garnered national attention for starting a privately funded program to give poor people $500 a month in guaranteed income, conceded that he lost his bid for reelection in his California city.

Four years after winning more than 70% of the vote, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, 30, lost by more than 10 percentage points.

It was a surprising defeat for Tubbs, the city’s first Black mayor and a Democrat, whose previous political campaigns were endorsed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. His compelling personal history — raised by a single mother while his father was in prison before getting a degree from Stanford and interning at the Obama White House — earned him national attention.

But he was most known for being one of the first mayors to revive a “universal basic income,” an old idea that got new life as the key plank in Andrew Yang’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Downtown Hand Me Down – Stockton Democrat Mayor Loses Re-election

Mayor Peak Stoned Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Maybe the mayor needs to be in the city managers real hometown to know what’s going on.

“I was not aware that Ben Harvey was contacting cannabis companies in July,” Peake said. “I was surprised because there was no interest in a cannabis store shown by the council.”

Harvey said Monday there was absolutely nothing inappropriate about his conversations and meetings with Apothecarium, and that to do so is part of his job as a type of ombudsman between elected officials and business projects.

“Part of my job is to deal with prospective businesses,” Harvey said. “I routinely meet with people interested in starting a business here, whether it’s a retailer, restaurant, brewpub or a cannabis dispensary.”

Another criticism of Harvey is that he allowed the one company, Apothecarium, to help draft the ordinance that would then be presented to the council on Sept. 2. Harvey argued there is nothing out of the ordinary in doing this. And he is right in that industry helps draft legislation in Sacramento regularly.


Mayor Peak Stone Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Forest Avenue Demolition Derby Day

Good thing there were no parklets in the way

The first accident happened around nine in the morning. The driver was trying to park but hit the gas instead of the break driving into Bookmark Music Store on Forest Avenue. No one was hurt but significant damage was done to the storefront. Then about an hour later — a second driver drove into the side of Mum’s Furniture Store. The shop is also in downtown Pacific Grove and it is also on Forest Avenue, just one block away from the first accident

Forest Avenue Demolition Derby