Another Vote To Pour Money Into Schools

We keep hearing that schools need more money to educate the children, but all I see are multi-million dollar football fields, parking lots and administration buildings.

A $7,000,000.00 artificial turf football field
Breaker Stadium 6 Million

A parking lot at PGHS
Dmc PGhs Parking Lot

Offices? Maintenance yard?
Dmc PGms Offices

Administrator Offices?
Measure X PG Sd Offices

This heavy duty sign must cost at least $800 to build and anchor with concrete. That architect is not local.
School Dmc Sign

Pacific Grove to vote on $30 million bond for school maintenance

Bike Control In P.G.

Police chief needs to get out and look at what she’s talking about. Here’s two signs telling you where Monterey ends and Pacific Grove begins. What kind of crock it this?Welcome Trail Signs

Beginning next month anyone peddling a pedicab along the Monterey portion of the Recreation Trail will need to start braking along about the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The rickshaw-like bicycles, permitted on Monterey’s portion of the trail, are now banned in Pacific Grove.

Complicating matters is that although most locals know where Monterey ends and Pacific Grove begins, there is no city limits signage, making it a challenge for visitors.

Pacific Grove Police Chief Cathy Madalone said Monday the city is in the process of making signage that will welcome Rec Trail visitors to the city.

Bike Control In P.G.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Ban Will Hurt The Landscapers

“There’s been a slow but steady stream of complaints by many residents about leaf blowers, particularly with the noise level,” said Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake.

Landscapers and gardeners decry the move but acknowledge that banning blowers seem to be inevitable. Geovanni Oseguera has owned and operated Greener Bay Landscaping for 20 years. The company serves customers from the Monterey Peninsula to San Francisco, including Pacific Grove. He has seen bans go into effect in Palo Alto, Redwood City, Los Gatos, Los Altos and Sunnyvale.

He said he has had to explain to his customers that he will need to charge higher prices because his crews will need to stay on-site longer to clean up leaves that otherwise would have been removed faster with a leaf blower. But he said his customers have been accommodating about the need to raise prices.

I got a fix for that.

Take this approved electric leaf blower:
electric leaf blower

and plug in to a nonbanned electrical source:
Gas Generator

Problem solved.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Ban Will Hurt The Landscapers

Motorized Bicycles Get OK On Rec Trail

Helmets required? Hello?

Bicycle Crash

Pacific Grove City Council voted 5-2 to allow two common varieties of electric bikes along the nearly mile-long and highly scenic stretch Monterey Bay Recreation Trail that passes through Pacific Grove. While e-bikes will be allowed on the trail, they will be restricted to 12 MPH. There is no speed limit for bicycles on the trail, and conflicts between bike riders and pedestrians there are a daily occurrence. Nevertheless, some council members welcomed the much heavier and faster e-bikes.

Motorized Bicycles Get OK On Rec Trail

P.G. Cops Don’t Cite Drivers In Car Crashes

Just like parking all day downtown.
Parking Victorian Corner Cars

 – In January 2019, a 68-year-old woman ran through a stop sign on Laurel Avenue, struck a father and his two children who were in a pickup truck headed down Forest Avenue, and then crashed her  Lexus into the front of Pacific Grove Hardware. Although the woman caused more than $10,000 dollars in property damage, and numerous firefighters and police officers had to respond to the crash, Pacific Grove Police told The Pine Cone at the time that they did not cite her.
–  In March 2018 at about 1:45 a.m., a man on Short Street was driving a Toyota pickup truck when he slammed into a driver in a Volkswagen sedan traveling on Cedar. Though the police said the Toyota driver was at fault in the accident, which wrecked the VW but didn’t injure anyone, police did not issue him a citation.
–  In January 2018, a Pacific Grove man driving a GMC Sierra truck crashed  into four parked vehicles on the 700 block of Lighthouse Avenue, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Though the driver told police he was reaching for a beverage when he swerved into the cars, police did not give him a ticket.
– In November 2019, a 15-year-old girl was walking in the crosswalk at Sunset and 19th and was struck by a car whose female driver didn’t see her. She was injured and treated at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas. The driver was not given a ticket.
– In January, a male motorist struck a 15-year-old boy riding a bicycle in the crosswalk of Sunset and 19th. Pacific Grove police did not cite the driver for hitting the teen, who suffered minor injuries.
– In October 2019, a woman driving an older sedan plowed through a fence and three retaining walls at Lovers Point. She was not ticketed, either, police said, after attributing the incident to “mechanical failure.”

P.G. Cops Don’t Cite Drivers In Car Crashes

Congressman Jimmy Panetta Will Ban Single Use Plastics

What a single use plastic might look like:
Jimmy P Plastic

Local communities have taken the necessary steps to reduce unnecessary plastic products. But now it’s time for the federal government to demonstrate leadership and address this problem,” said Panetta. “The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act sets out a marker to show the need to rein in waste, improve recycling, decrease harmful emissions, and help stop plastics from ending up in our oceans.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta Will Ban Single Use Plastics

No Privacy For Monarchs

Now people are encouraging others to peep into what the butterflies are doing and send paparazzi pics.

Monarch Molesting No Touch

The challenge seeks to fill a “data gap” in recorded sightings during March, April and May when monarchs are passing unseen between breeding sites.

Those looking to participate in the challenge can submit photos through the Western Monarch Milkweed Mapper project on iNaturalist — a crowdsourcing naturalist app jointly sponsored by the California Academy of Science and National Geographic — or by emailing them to

No Privacy For Monarchs

Fools And Their Money At Car Week Auctions

A lot can change in the four years she had the car. Plus don’t trust the seller – get verification that the car is a “numbers matching” vehicle. I’d take a $2,500 Toyota to a mechanic to check out.


A Newport Beach woman who purchased a 1967 Porsche in Monterey for the princely sum of $200,000 alleges that the dealer misrepresented the car, and she’s filed a lawsuit to try to recoup her money. In a complaint filed Jan. 29 in Monterey County Superior Court, Linda Reeves alleges that on Aug. 17, 2015, she purchased a Porsche 911 S from Legendary Motorcars.

The only online reference to the car in question is a listing at an Aug. 13-15, 2015, Monterey auction. The listing describes it as slate gray with a red interior, and an estimated value of $285,000 to $325,000.

However, when Reeves went to sell the sports car last year, she found that the digits did not match, an indication the car was not factory original.

Fools And Their Money At Car Week Auctions

Jimmy Panetta Using Butterflies To Get More Taxes

Awwww – congresscirtter wants to help the butterflies.

The Monarch Action, Recovery, and Conservation of Habitat (MONARCH) Act, introduced during last week’s session of Congress, would establish a western monarch butterfly rescue fund of $62.5 million released over five years. Funded projects would fill in information gaps and focus on the restoration of sensitive overwintering and breeding habitat to guard against future extinction.

Ohhhhh – by spending tax dollars for more government consultants.

When asked what the city of Pacific Grove might do with a portion of the proposed funds, Public Works management analyst Caleb Schneider said the city would be keen to hire additional consultants to assess their current conservation efforts and to invest in infrastructure such as irrigation for the sanctuary.

Jimmy Panetta Using Butterflies To Get More Taxes