Ben Harvey Gets Butt-Hurt Over Demands That He Do His Job

So the city’s distant city manager has a $40,000 investigation of Luke Coletti take place, only to have the complaints sustained.

And just who leaked the “documents provided to the Weekly via an anonymous source”? Either Ellis Investigations or Ben Harvey himself.


In January, Harvey filed a harassment complaint with the city’s human resources director. The city entered into a contract with Ellis Investigations on Feb. 11 to investigate the complaint, not to exceed $40,000, according to documents provided to the Weekly via an anonymous source.

Harvey’s three allegations against Coletti were sustained, according to an email sent on Oct. 10 from Harvey to the special counsel

Ben Harvey Gets Butt-Hurt Over Demands That He Do His Job

Jenny McAdams Says More Taxes Will Solve Everything

I blame the system that allowed funky old P.G. homes be doubledor tripled in size after a “P.G. Remodel” contributed to the second/vacation home craze.

Jenny McAdams, in a report to her council colleagues, said imposing a so-called “empty-home tax” on those who own homes in Pacific Grove but don’t rent them out or live in them often enough could bring big bucks to city hall and have other benefits.

Jenny McAdams Says More Taxes Will Solve Everything

Tina Pulling a Jenny?

So much for inclusion. Or pie. No transparency here. All of the nasty posts are now safely hidden away from all those so called stalkers. Don’t trust her.


Sure Tina. Hide your hate.

Press Release
From the office of Tina Rau, Candidate for Pacific Grove City Council Monday September 26, 2022

After having a group of people – none of whom I know, nor do they follow anyone I know – attempt to follow me on Twitter, I have locked my account temporarily for security reasons.  I will not allow my followers, some of whom are in marginalized communities, be subject to stalking or harassment.

No, she wants to hide her unhinged hateful messages from anyone that might not think “her way”.


Tina Pulling a Jenny?

Tina Rau, Our Hateful DEITF Chairperson Running For Council

Tina Rau chairs the City’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force but seems full of hate online toward people with different opinions. No one with that kind of mindset deserves to be on any board calling for inclusion, let alone be on city council. Disband the slanted DEITF, and don’t vote for Tina. We deserve better than her.

Ms. Rau is now being called out as her views have come to light. Ms. Rau has tweeted and retweeted other’s posts over 4,000 times. Among her posts are ones mocking people who say “thoughts and prayers,” Republicans, Catholics, Christians, people who support pro­life, supporters of the Constitution, and she even expresses the belief that we should “defund the Supreme Court”.

Here’s a few of Tina Rau’s statements and echoes that see slants toward:

Equal means Equal

Catholics and Republicans deserve to be equal unless they are judged by Tina.
Tina hates religious believers

F You From Tina

What someone overreacting in 2016 might look like:

Our HDEITF Chairperson Running For Council

Meet The Candidates 2022

Vote Machine

A Pacific Grove city councilwoman and her mother, a former mayor of the city, are inviting members of the public to meet the candidates for city council on the evening of Friday, Sept. 16. The general election is Nov. 8. Councilwoman Jenny McAdams, who is not running for reelection, and former mayor Carmelita Garcia are hosting the event at Bradley Photographic, 566 Lighthouse Ave. in Pacific Grove from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

Meet The Candidates 2022

McAdams Says Biological Males Can Get Pregnant

And they have a right to abortions.

How stupid is Jenny? No wonder she’s always a stable shovel full of ideas.

In response to the council resolution, P.G. resident Kirstie Wilde asked the council in an  email message if the resolution was “scientific” and made the city “look plainly stupid.”

McAdams responded to Wilde, first claiming that “trans women”— those who are born male but identify and live as female — can get pregnant.

It’s time to defund the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, a scam that has not really added any value to the city it seems.

McAdams Says Biological Males Can Get Pregnant

P.G. Police Chief Bailin’ Like Palin

Are there ever any internal applicants for chief? They may be more loyal to the town instead of the come heres with no connection or work history in P.G.

PGPD Help Wanted


The Pacific Grove Police Officer’s Association confirms Police Chief Vicki Myers announced she will no longer be working for the department during a briefing on Saturday.

P.G. Police Chief Bailin’ Like Palin