Long Wait In Lighthouse Avenue Traffic

Thank the voters of Monterey for their 82% vote for Measure S. And some slightly stupid planners.

Measure S

On Tuesday, some drivers reported being stuck in Lighthouse traffic for more than an hour. The roadwork created Monterey’s version of L.A. rush hour traffic.

The traffic was so bad neighborhood streets were jammed with cars as drivers took alternate routes, streets were blocked off and parking spots off limits- businesses feeling the pinch.

“Definite business impact. I was here all day yesterday, and I didn’t see anybody until after seven o’clock, and that’s so different for us,” added Clewis (Employee of Ooh La La).

The work is all part of Measure S, a long-term taxpayer-funded project to repair Monterey’s streets, sidewalks and storm drains.

Long Wait In Lighthouse Avenue Traffic

Wild Fish Owes $126,750 In Unpaid Taxes, Is That Winning?

Parklet gadfly also got $533,000 in Covid relief government handouts. Is that Excellence in tax cheating or what?

According to the recorder’s office in Salinas, Flying Kipper Corp. faces three liens from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration for unpaid sales taxes from Oct. l, 2022, to Dec. 31, 2023, amounting to $116,987.66 including a $25,209.86 lien that was filed with the recorder’s office Tuesday — and a lien from the Monterey County Tax Collector for $9,765.12. In all, the restaurant’s unpaid taxes amount to $126,752.78. A lien is a legal claim to property that prevents the owner from selling it without first settling the debt.

Liz Jacobs

The ugly parklet blocks the view of the block. No P.G. charm here, just an expensive restaurant hiding from the tax man.

wildfish parklet

Wild Fish Owes $126,750 In Unpaid Taxes, Is That Winning?

Erik Cushman’s Predisposition For Strong Whiskey And Multiple DUI Arrests

Things even the Squid would not write about.

What a doofus for trying to drive when intoxicated – while serving five years’ probation from the last DUI conviction.

Erik Cushman DUI Arrest

Pacific Grove police arrested Monterey County Weekly publisher Erik Cushman July 28 for drunken driving and violating his probation from an earlier DUI conviction, which includes a requirement that he not drive if he has any alcohol in his blood.
The arrest happened as Cushman, 46, was on his way home from a Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce dinner where he accepted a Business Excellence Award for his newspaper in the Media and Marketing category

Cushman, who in a recent interview for the  California Newspaper Publishers Association’s newsletter said his qualifications to be a newspaper publisher included his “predisposition for foul language and strong whiskey,” was arrested for his first DUI on May 30, 2009,

Erik Cushman’s Predisposition For Strong Whiskey And Multiple DUI Arrests

P.G. Comeheres SHOCKED That Their Cars Get Broken Into


Tourist destinations like Pacific Grove are prime burglary targets. Criminals need a place to vacation to, and maybe catch up on some work while here. Don’t be a Bay Area fool, lock doors and windows. Don’t leave anything valuable in your car.

“We moved from the Bay Area to kind of avoid the crime and to see it kind of ticking up here is very disconcerting,” said Francie Soito who lives in Pacific Grove.

The alarming amount of car theft and break-ins is driving them to take extra safety measures, such as leaving their porch lights on.

P.G. Comeheres SHOCKED That Their Cars Get Broken Into

Marina Appoints Jenny McAdams To City Council

Twitter in January 2023. Don’t bother, it’s blocked to non-followers.


Click the keyword Jenny McAdams and read all about the experience she can bring to Marina:

Jenny McAdams Under Investigation About Campaign Funds

Says Biological Males Can Get Pregnant

McAdams Triggered By Facebook Comment

Jenny McAdams  Calls Police Over Internet Post

Lied to get her child a Covid shot

Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Spent $4,500 to attend and vote at a conference recognizing the “full contribution” of its African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, Latino and Women’s caucuses and did not  cast a vote

Cheats On Her Property Tax

jenny lied

At the meeting, McAdams said she is fully prepared to serve the city of Marina “diligently and effectively” drawing from her experience of serving as a council member of another city, among other accomplishments.

in the end, Mayor Bruce Delgado, Mayor Pro-Tem and District 4 council member Liesbeth Visscher, District 1 member Brian McCarthy and District 2 member Kathy Biala, unanimously voted to appoint McAdams who will represent District 3.

District 3 is the airport and how appropriate, the hog farm. As a Marina homeowner, I will not vote for Bruce Degado in 2026 or Kathy Biala in 2024 which may not matter in this city but will have no respect from me.

Marina Appoints Jenny McAdams To City Council

New Mvsevm Director Hired From Arkansas

Replace the whale with a razorback, present an exhibit on the Boggy Creek Monster and hold an assembly on the tradition of chocolate gravy.

Mvsevm with Hog

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History announced the hiring of its new executive director, Rachel Miller.
For the past seven years, Miller has worked as executive director for the Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas.

New Mvsevm Director Hired From Arkansas

P.G. Police Chief’s WFH Reason REVEALED

It’s been months since chief Madelone has been in the station. Plus is the Forest Hill Safeway store being turned into housing? And raccoons.

Check out the latest “What’s The Plan” podcast, it makes that long commute from Marina to Pacific Grove go by faster.


P.G. Police Chief’s WFH Reason REVEALED