Citizens Will Vote On Aquarium Tax

But no increase in business license cost. Don’t want to run more shops out of town. Does Moe have chamber members that are unlicensed?

After weeks of speculation, the city of Pacific Grove on Wednesday took another step toward instituting a citywide admission tax by approving the measure 4-3 for the November ballot.

Conversely, a potential ballot measure that would increase the existing business license tax by 40 percent and remove its existing cap, was voted down 5-2.

Eleven California municipalities currently collect admission taxes including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Pasadena.

Moe Ammar recommended that the city collect money from P.G. businesses that are operating without a license. According to a physical audit by the chamber, there are estimated to be 60 businesses operating in the city and 100 businesses operating out of the post office and UPS store without a permit.

Citizens Will Vote On Aquarium Tax