It Takes Guts To Support Republicans In P.G.

Good Old Days had a Donald Trump booth, no surprise that the other side was vocal and abusive.

New at the fair this year was a booth for Donald Trump supporters.

“We need to get out the information that in order to vote for Mr. Trump, (you) have to be registered (in the) Republican Party, and that’s why we have this booth,” said Jackie Miller, who represented Californians for Donald Trump.

The booth and campaign materials came out of her own pocket.

A lot of people stopped by to show their support, but they weren’t met without controversy.

During an interview with Action News, a Bernie Sanders supporter jumped in front of the camera, yelling “Bernie 2016!”

As the Sanders supporter walked away, he yelled, “No racists.”

Another Trump supporter volunteering at the booth said they had been harassed by hecklers all morning.

“We’ve had some very abusive, one particular person, and he’s doing this in front of his very small children, which I take offense to,” said Nikki Schoessow.

It Takes Guts To Support Republicans In P.G.