Favaloros Might Just Take Their Fence And Go

Pick a fight with the Favaloros, eh? That’s what they like. According to the newz, the fence must be bolted permanently to the sidewalk due to liquor rules. So is it a cafe or a bar?Favaloros Fence

City Manager Tom Frutchey told News Channel 5 the city authorized the business to build temporary, movable fencing, but not permanent. Otherwise, he said Cafe Ariana is making public property, private.

On Friday, the city made a visit to the business and said it would help take down the fencing. The city told News Channel 5 it would be willing to weld steel bars to the bottom of the fence so that it’s movable.

Favaloro said she’s ready to close her business of nearly 21 years because the city went back on its word

Please. Leave. Don’t forget to give back the sidewalk you fenced off.

Favaloros Might Just Take Their Fence And Go

Also see the video segment with the owner’s dramatics.