Can't Hold It?

Two reports from the Pine Cone police blotter citing the Pagrovians’ lack of control over bodily functions.

meanwhile in scotland

Pacific Grove: Dispatched to a report of a suspicious male to the rear of a business. Owner of the business advised she was going to her storage unit and saw a male near the garbage dumpster. She asked him why he was there and told him to leave. He left in an unknown direction. She went to see what he was doing and discovered excrement on the ground. Conducted an area check of the male and could not locate him. She requested close patrol to the rear of her business due to the fact that there have been several incidents in the past with people to the rear of the businesses. No further information.

Pacific Grove: Dispatched to a report of an intoxicated passenger who urinated inside a taxi. Driver unable to work through the rest of the evening due to the rear seat of his vehicle saturated in urine. Passenger contacted and was willing to pay for the cleaning of the vehicle. Nothing further.

Can’t Hold It?