Forest Avenue 76 Station Customers' Credit Card Information Hacked


On Feb. 21, a person reported to the PGPD the theft and unlawful use of their credit card information.

The investigation led police back to the 76 Station where its management cooperated and all gas pumps were inspected for a skimming device but none found, police said.

The skimmer is a device that is attached to a point of sale machine and collects encoded information from credit or debit cards.

Several versions of skimmers were found affixed to gas pumps at the same location on Dec. 7.

Skimmer devices are now being found INSIDE the pumps, plugged into the card readers. Some stations attach anti-tamper stickers to the door of the pumps – if the seal is broke, don’t stick anything in it..


Forest Avenue 76 Station Customers’ Credit Card Information Hacked